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藍旗袍-范曉萱 Blue Cheongsam-Mavis Fan

Lyricist: Cao Jun & Li Quan
Composer: Li Quan
Arranger: Huang Zhongyue

穿一件藍色的旗袍 讓你看的神魂顛倒
Put on a blue cheongsam, making you absolutely infatuated
愛你愛到無可救藥 想嚇你一跳
Loving you to the point where I am hopeless, I want to give you a surprise

穿一件藍色的旗袍 抬起了肩膀踮起了腳
Donning a blue cheongsam, I raise my shoulders and stand on tiptoe
高貴的女人不會怕老 你配我算公道
Nobel women don’t dread aging. It is fair that you are matched with me
我多瘋狂 除了你沒有別人會知道
How crazy am I? Nobody will know it except you
我多輕佻 在你面前理智統統取消
How frivolous am I? I write off all my rationality when in front of you

You help me put on a blue cheongsam
I help you put on a white dress hat [for formal settings]
我們是前生註定 早晚要擁抱
We are predestined to be together. We will in each other’s arms sooner or later

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教我如何去小便-何崇志 Teach Me How to Pee-Steve Ho

原曲:Historia de un Amor(西班牙語的意思是「愛情故事」)
Original Song: Historia de un Amor [“Love Story” in Spanish]
Lyricist: Brian Tse
作曲:Carlos Eleta Almarán
Composer: Carlos Eleta Almaran

Note: As a vegan, I feel sorry for the animals that were killed and turned into food.

爸爸帶我去食叉飯食滷味 爸爸帶我去’席爹席豬頭肉’
Daddy took me to eat rice with barbecued pork and pot-stewed fowl. Daddy took me to have tea and eat cooked meat cut from a pig’s head
* (潮洲話) 爸爸帶我去食粢飯 然後帶我去食牛治
[Chaozhou Dialect] Daddy took me to eat Cifantuan and then took me to eat corn beef and egg sandwiches
He also ordered two custard tarts

爸爸帶我過大海食萄國雞 爸爸帶我遠赴番禺食乳鴿
Daddy took me to cross the sea [to Macao] to eat Portuguese chicken. Daddy took me to travel to Panyu to eat squab
爸爸與我看著海浪 與我一起對浪小便 爸爸突然對我話
Daddy and I gazed at sea waves, and we peed at the waves together. Daddy suddenly said to me—

佢話唔係咁 不過就 不過就 不過就會總係咁
He said it is not necessary to do it this way, but, but we tend to keep doing it this way
嗰啲嘢 過去就 趕已沒有嗰家嘢 經已沒法不分開
Those things, once they passed, they will no longer exist. Separation cannot be avoided
你以後全部靠自己 一個人小便
In the future you will need to be self-reliant and pee on your own.

爸爸帶我去食拉麵食咖喱 爸爸帶我去食叉瀨食燉奶
Daddy took me to eat ramen and curry. Daddy took me to eat Lai fun with barbecued meat and steamed milk custard
爸爸帶我去小便 如何靠自己拉鏈
Daddy took me to pee [and taught me] how to zip the zipper

Repeat *** once

爸爸帶我去食叉飯食滷味 爸爸帶我去’席爹席豬頭肉’
Daddy took me to eat rice with barbecued pork and pot-stewed fowl. Daddy took me to have tea and eat cooked meat cut from a pig’s head

爸爸帶我去小便 仲教我要怎樣小便 如何咪滴濕笪地
Daddy took me to pee. He taught me how to pee so that I don’t pee all over the place
爸爸帶我去小便 仲教我要怎樣小便 如何咪滴濕笪地
Daddy took me to pee. He taught me how to pee so that I don’t pee all over the place

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我不會喜歡你-陳柏霖 I Won’t Like You-Chen Bolin

Lyricist: Mag Hsu
Composers: Chen Bolin, Biung

我想我應該 應該不會愛你 為了要努力 努力的不愛你
I think I probably, probably won’t love you. In order to try hard, try hard not to love you
所以我讓自己那麼喜歡你 這樣你就不忍心和我分離
I allow myself to like you so much, so you won’t have the heart to part with me
我想我討厭 討厭驕傲的你 也討厭美好 美好的那個你
I think I detest, detest the proud you, and I also detest the wonderful, the wonderful you
於是我要自己假裝討厭你 那麼你就捨不得離我而去
So I force myself to pretend that I detest you, so you will hate to abandon me

我必須說我真的不會喜歡你 我不喜歡你佔據我所有思緒
I must say I really won’t like you; I don’t like that you occupy my mind
連你的竊笑也像是鼓勵 從早安後的早餐到晚餐後的晚安
Even your laughing secretly will look like an encouragement;  from the breakfast after “Good morning” to the “Good night” after dinner
別笑了 別笑了 我不會喜歡你
Stop laughing, stop laughing. I won’t like you

我放空了 我解脫了 你還是在我的眼裡
I spaced out, I freed myself, but you remained in my eyes
我喜歡了 我討厭了 影響不了我的呼吸
I fell in love, I felt disgusted, but neither affected my breathing
原來我 已經無法自拔 我秘密的 愛上你
Turns out I have been too deep in it—I surreptitiously fell in love with you

你不必懂 我真的不會喜歡你
You don’t have to understand that. I really won’t like you
I don’t want you to be passive because of me
In the city where you are, evening raining is beautiful
從黎明後的太陽 到深夜裡的月光
From the sun after dawn to the moonlight late at night
別想了 別想了 我不會喜歡你
Stop thinking, stop thinking, I won’t like you
別想了 別想了 我不會喜歡你
Stop thinking, stop thinking, I won’t like you

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Candy Knife-徐良 Candy Knife-Xu Liang

MP3: Candy Knife-徐良 Candy Knife-Xu Liang

Lyricist: Xu Liang
Composer: Xu Liang
Arranger: Yang Yunxiang

It’s alright if you wanna come back baby
But I can’t make you stay here
I’ll be there for you baby
Nobody knows Nobody knows

I woke up to pick up your fragrance
It seems that I forgot to ask who you are
On the table remains some sparkling water
An empty cup is hugging a half-empty one


This world has long been replete with candy monters
在你視覺的死角裡面 安然的入睡
Within the blind spot in your vision, they slumber in peace
快來加強防備 get ready
Hurry up and be more cautious. Get ready
Candy and Monster tend to be the best match in fairy tales

It’s your candy knife baby
It’s your candy knife baby
It’s your candy knife baby
It’s your candy knife baby
It’s your candy knife baby
It’s your candy knife baby

It’s alright if you wanna come back baby
I’ll be there for you baby

I savored your flavor in my dreams
You did not ask who I was either
You filled up the wine glasses with tears
One heartbreak embracing another

Repeat *** once

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旋轉門-謝沛恩 Revolving Door-Aggie Hsieh

Lyricist: Shen Mingli
Composer: Zhang Shitang

不說話 以為 沉默能讓時光走的緩慢
Not speaking, assuming that silence can make time slow down
不想念 以為 感傷是生活中的小習慣
Not longing, thinking that melancholy is just a small life habit
一個個 心結 忽然間自己解出了答案
Those knots in my hearts [emotional entanglement] suddenly untied themselves
一個個 舊友 疏於聯絡也許已有新的伴
Those old friends, whom I lost touch with, have probably got new pals


I spin clockwise in my youth
一雙手推開時光的門 忘記了關
My hands pushed open the door of time, but they forgot to close it afterwards
How many days fleet like a click of the shutter
到幾年後 一個鏡頭就切換
Fastforward to years later, as if we cut from one shot to another

I go counterclockwise to visit my memories
一圈圈迴圈出不同的 情緒片段
Every circle reflects a different fragment of emotion
I allow hot tears to besiege my heartbreak
想說成熟 要用多少個領悟交換
I wonder how many epiphanies I should have to exchange for maturity

快樂或 孤單 一天的時光用另一天填滿
Happy or lonely—I fill up a day with another day [means I fill up every day with my memories of the past or my imagination of the future]
凌晨或 傍晚 一樣的天色掠過晚歸的站
Dawn or dusk—the same weather brushes off the same stop I arrived at late every day
夢裡 那個人 遁入另一個夢為誰輾轉
The person in my dream retreated into another dream. Who is he tossing and turning for?
我們的 故事 也落入俗套一去不返
Our story also fell into a rut [not different from other love stories], gone never to return

Repeat *** once

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踮起腳尖愛-洪佩瑜 Love on Tiptoe-Hong Pei Yu

Lyricist: Xiaohan
Composer: Tanya Chua
編曲:Derek Chua
Arranger: Derek Chua

舞鞋 穿了洞 裂了縫 預備迎接一個夢
When dancing shoes get holes and cracks, be ready to welcome a dream
OK繃 遮住痛 要把蒼白都填充
The adhesive bandage covers the pain, attempting to fill up the paleness
勇氣惶恐 我要用哪一種
Courage or trepidation—which one should I employ
面對他 一百零一分笑容
to face his 101% smile

等待 的時空 有點重 重得時針走不動
The time and space used for waiting is a little weighty, so heavy that the hour hand is unable to move
無影蹤 他始終 不曾降臨生命中
Traceless, he has never arrived in my life
我好想懂 誰放我手心裡捧
I really want to know who will hold me at the center of his palm [meaning who will dote on me]

幸福啊 依然長長的人龍
Oh happiness, still attracts a long waiting line

想踮起腳尖找尋愛 遠遠的存在
Want to stand on tiptoe to search for love, the far-off existence
我來不及 說聲嗨 影子就從人海暈開
Before I say hi, your shadow is all fuzz in the crowd

才踮起腳尖的期待 只怕被虧待
I await on tiptoe with the fear of being mistreated
我勾不著還 微笑忍耐
Though I can’t reach you I smile and restrain myself
woo~ 等你回過頭來
Oh~ waiting for you to turn around

那天 撲了空 折了衷 祈禱終於起作用
That day, I missed you, I made compromises, and my prayer finally took effect
一陣風 吹來夢 卻又敗在難溝通
A gust of wind brought me the dream, but the relationship failed due to communication difficulties
我終於懂 怎麼人們的臉孔
I finally understand why people’s faces…
想到愛 寂寞眼眶就轉紅
[why], at the thought of love, the lonely rims of their eyes would turn red

Repeat *** once

你會回過頭來 woo~ 回過頭來
You will turn around, oh, turn around

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劉哈哈與大先生-劉心&董成鵬 Liu Haha and Mr. Da-Liu Xin & Dong Chengpeng

Note: This song is the theme song of the online series Diors Man.

詞: 劉心 & 董成鵬
Lyricists: Liu Xin & Dong Chengpeng
Composer: Liu Xin

I am less and less confident
My stupid hair keeps falling out

那些快樂 快樂
Those joys, joys
不屬於我 還剩下什麽
don’t belong to me. What’s left [for me]?
一把吉他 陪我唱歌
One guitar accompany to sing songs

This is not the kind of life that I want
How I wish pretty girls craved looking at me
不是笑我 笑我 調侃著我
not laughing at me, jeering at me, or ridiculing me
as if I were a loser
Actually my mom said I also have many strengths

This world has sped up
可是怎麽卻都不快樂 oh~
but we are not happy whatever we do, oh~
Take off your heavy mask
Listen to me sing a song
簡單有時比復雜值得 oh~
Simplicity is sometimes more worthwhile than complexity, oh~

我想要點 春風
I want a little spring breeze
我想要點 感動
I want to feel a little moved
我想要點 香檳
I want a little champagne
我想要碟 花生
I want a small plate of peanuts
沙灘 海風
beach, sea breeze
美女如雲 穿梭
A number of pretty girls walk back and forth
這是我的美夢 白日夢
This is my beautiful dream, day dream

Repeat *** once