This blog is a collection of translated Chinese pop songs.

If you want to learn to sing the Mandarin songs, transfer the lyrics and translations to Google Translate, and you will see the pinyin symbols below the left dialogue box automatically. I added pinyin to earlier posts, but thanks to Google Translate, things got easier. If one day Google Translate or some other site provides Cantonese or the Minnan dialect pronunciation for the lyrics, I will let you know.

I sometimes translate songs upon readers’ requests, especially if the songs appeal to me.

Note: This blog has been featured on chinabloggers. Check out the site to discover more blogs about China.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there! I really appreciate the work you put into translating Chinese songs. I’m not a native Chinese speaker so your translations definitely help out a lot! Now I don’t mean to be rude or demanding but after so many attempts, I just can’t seem to find an English translation for a Chinese song that I really like. The song is “鸳鸯锦” by 叶欢. If you can translate that song, I would be most grateful! 🙂

  2. I became to know you through the site Our Sunshine. I am a big fan of Wallace Chung and I am so appreciate to all of your work in English. I am Korean and just about to learn Chinese. Are you a Chinese? and Chewy Won and HAHA is the same person?

    1. Hi Kyounghak. Yes I am a Chinese. Haha and Chewy are two different people. 🙂 It is a great idea to learn Chinese through this blog haha.

  3. Hi HAHA,
    I just want to say OMG!!!!!
    Thank you so much for your time and dedication. I have come to know you through the site Our Sunshine and I’m a massive Wallace Chung fan. Though I am not Chinese but because of you and Chewy I got to know all about him as much as possible. May I ask you to translate his 1999 album “do you love him?”.

      1. OMG can’t wait!!!! Thank you so much. I listen to his music via spotify but not all his albums/singles are on there. Once again thank you for your time. I really appreciate you, Chewywon, Himmy and Peanuts. You guys are amazing! Love all your posts and comments about WC. I fangirl you for fangirling WC. LOL. also all the fangirls out there, all your comments are hilarious, supportive and so much love.

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