This blog translates Mandarin and Cantonese pop songs into English.

If you want to learn to sing the Mandarin songs, transfer the lyrics and translations to Google Translate, and you will see the pinyin symbols below the left dialogue box automatically. I added pinyin to earlier posts, but thanks to Google Translate, things got easier. If one day Google Translate or some other site provides Cantonese pronunciation for the lyrics, I will let you know.

The lyrics in traditional Chinese are usually copied from Mojim.com. Thank you, Mojim!

I sometimes translate songs upon readers’ requests, especially if the songs appeal to me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at hahahachn@gmail.com.


My other blog, “Haha China,” translates Chinese humor and Internet slang into English.

14 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi Brahim, I sometimes accept requests from readers. If I like the requested songs and have time, I will translate them.

  1. Hi Rensi,

    Thanks you for translate into English these song of Wallace Chung. I really love them. I wonder if you could translate this song into English, please? Wallace sang this song in his birthday party on 2006. Wallace sang this song during a birthday party in 2006. It’s a song of another singer, not Walace, but it’s a lovely song and Wallace sang very well.
    Lyric song:
    Wallace sang (link):

    Thanks you

  2. Hi Rensi,
    I want to use your translation to translate into another language. Actually, I want to translate all your translation about Wallace’s song. Because I really like him. I feel you translate very well. I think you don’t need to poslish because words you use in very smooth translation. I really like them. I wonder if you could translate another Wallace’s song into English, please?
    Thanks you

    1. Thanks for asking. Sure, go ahead and do whatever you like. What song are you requesting? Which language do you want to translate Wallace’s songs into?

      1. Thanks you for accept my request. Can I talk to you private by email or facebook? Could I take your email address or facebook, please? Thank you so much:)

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