Chinese Pop Songs

踮起腳尖愛-洪佩瑜 Love on Tiptoe-Hong Pei Yu

Lyricist: Xiaohan
Composer: Tanya Chua
編曲:Derek Chua
Arranger: Derek Chua

舞鞋 穿了洞 裂了縫 預備迎接一個夢
When dancing shoes get holes and cracks, be ready to welcome a dream
OK繃 遮住痛 要把蒼白都填充
The adhesive bandage covers the pain, attempting to fill up the paleness
勇氣惶恐 我要用哪一種
Courage or trepidation—which one should I employ
面對他 一百零一分笑容
to face his 101% smile

等待 的時空 有點重 重得時針走不動
The time and space used for waiting is a little weighty, so heavy that the hour hand is unable to move
無影蹤 他始終 不曾降臨生命中
Traceless, he has never arrived in my life
我好想懂 誰放我手心裡捧
I really want to know who will hold me at the center of his palm [meaning who will dote on me]

幸福啊 依然長長的人龍
Oh happiness, still attracts a long waiting line

想踮起腳尖找尋愛 遠遠的存在
Want to stand on tiptoe to search for love, the far-off existence
我來不及 說聲嗨 影子就從人海暈開
Before I say hi, your shadow is all fuzz in the crowd

才踮起腳尖的期待 只怕被虧待
I await on tiptoe with the fear of being mistreated
我勾不著還 微笑忍耐
Though I can’t reach you I smile and restrain myself
woo~ 等你回過頭來
Oh~ waiting for you to turn around

那天 撲了空 折了衷 祈禱終於起作用
That day, I missed you, I made compromises, and my prayer finally took effect
一陣風 吹來夢 卻又敗在難溝通
A gust of wind brought me the dream, but the relationship failed due to communication difficulties
我終於懂 怎麼人們的臉孔
I finally understand why people’s faces…
想到愛 寂寞眼眶就轉紅
[why], at the thought of love, the lonely rims of their eyes would turn red

Repeat *** once

你會回過頭來 woo~ 回過頭來
You will turn around, oh, turn around


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