Chinese Pop Songs

我不會喜歡你-陳柏霖 I Won’t Like You-Chen Bolin

Lyricist: Mag Hsu
Composers: Chen Bolin, Biung

我想我應該 應該不會愛你 為了要努力 努力的不愛你
I think I probably, probably won’t love you. In order to try hard, try hard not to love you
所以我讓自己那麼喜歡你 這樣你就不忍心和我分離
I allow myself to like you so much, so you won’t have the heart to part with me
我想我討厭 討厭驕傲的你 也討厭美好 美好的那個你
I think I detest, detest the proud you, and I also detest the wonderful, the wonderful you
於是我要自己假裝討厭你 那麼你就捨不得離我而去
So I force myself to pretend that I detest you, so you will hate to abandon me

我必須說我真的不會喜歡你 我不喜歡你佔據我所有思緒
I must say I really won’t like you; I don’t like that you occupy my mind
連你的竊笑也像是鼓勵 從早安後的早餐到晚餐後的晚安
Even your laughing secretly will look like an encouragement;  from the breakfast after “Good morning” to the “Good night” after dinner
別笑了 別笑了 我不會喜歡你
Stop laughing, stop laughing. I won’t like you

我放空了 我解脫了 你還是在我的眼裡
I spaced out, I freed myself, but you remained in my eyes
我喜歡了 我討厭了 影響不了我的呼吸
I fell in love, I felt disgusted, but neither affected my breathing
原來我 已經無法自拔 我秘密的 愛上你
Turns out I have been too deep in it—I surreptitiously fell in love with you

你不必懂 我真的不會喜歡你
You don’t have to understand that. I really won’t like you
I don’t want you to be passive because of me
In the city where you are, evening raining is beautiful
從黎明後的太陽 到深夜裡的月光
From the sun after dawn to the moonlight late at night
別想了 別想了 我不會喜歡你
Stop thinking, stop thinking, I won’t like you
別想了 別想了 我不會喜歡你
Stop thinking, stop thinking, I won’t like you

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