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贝加尔湖畔-李健 (By Lake Baikal-Li Jian)

曲:李健 (Composer: Li Jian)
词:李健 (Lyrics: Li Jian)
编曲:刘卓 (Arrangements: Liu Zhuo)
演唱:李健 (Singer: Li Jian)
在我的怀里 在你的眼里
In my arms, in your eyes
那里春风沉醉 那里绿草如茵
There, the spring breeze was captivating and the green meadow was inviting
月光把爱恋 洒满了湖面
The moonlight sprinkled our love all over the lake
两个人的篝火 照亮整个夜晚
The bonfire for two illuminated the whole night

多少年以后 如云般游走
Years later, we wandered like clouds
那变换的脚步 让我们难牵手
The ever-changing footsteps, have made it difficult for us to keep holding hands
这一生一世 有多少你我
In this life, how many couples like us
have been engulfed by the clear moonlit night
多想某一天 往日又重现
How we wish that someday, we could have yesterday once
我们流连忘返 在贝加尔湖畔
We will linger on by Lake Baikal with no thought of leaving

多少年以后 往事随云走
Years later, fleeting moments passed like clouds
The fluttering snowflakes couldn’t hold the gentleness [of our love]
这一生一世 这时间太少
In this life, there is too little time
to testify to out deep love that can melt the snow
就在某一天 你忽然出现
Then one day, you suddenly reappeared
你清澈又神秘 在贝加尔湖畔
You were limpid and mystical, by Lake Baikal
你清澈又神秘 像贝加尔湖畔
You were lucid and mystical, by Lake Baikal

Note: I revised the translation based on this video by MovingNotes. Thank you, MovingNotes!

Chinese Pop Songs

孤独的总和-吴汶芳 (The Sum of Loneliness-Fun Wu/Wu Wenfang)



曲:吴汶芳 (Composer: Fun Wu/Wu Wenfang)
词:吴汶芳 (Lyrics: Fun Wu/Wu Wenfang)
演唱:吴汶芳 (Singer: Fun Wu/Wu Wenfang)
MP3:孤独的总和-吴汶芳 (The Sum of Loneliness-Fun Wu/Wu Wenfang)

如果我是一朵花 那又为谁而绽放
If I were a flower, whom do I bloom for?
如果我是一只鸟 要往何处去飞翔
If I were a bird, what do I fly toward?
一颗星星的闪亮 不足以构成一个星相
The glitter of a star, is not enough for constituting a horoscope
一棵大树的总和 集结单一的重量
The sum of a big tree, crystallizes the weight of individuals
真理 腾空了孤寂 的环境
Truth, empties the environment of loneliness

因为孤独的总和 让我们相互依偎着
Because of the sum of loneliness, we snuggle up to each other,
拥抱彼此的感伤 即使不能拥有
Embracing each other’s sorrows, even though we can’t own them
我们是孤独的总和 所以相聚了
We are the sum of loneliness, so we encounter each other
因你而起伏的感受 怎么挣脱
The feelings that rise and fall because of you, how can I get rid of them?


因你而起伏的感受 怎么挣脱
The feelings that rise and fall because of you, how can I get rid of them?


Chinese Pop Songs, My Favorite Songs

Holiday Song-魏晨 (Holiday Song-Vision Wei/Wei Chen)

曲:魏晨、胡枫 (Composer: Wei Chen & Hu Feng)
词:魏晨 (Lyrics: Wei Chen)
演唱:魏晨 (Singer: Wei Chen)
MP3: Holiday Song-魏晨 (Holiday Song-Vision Wei/Wei Chen)

Such a romantic night
Alone, holding the umbrella
In the rain (In the rain)

Casually humming a song
I’m in a pretty good mood
Take a break (Take a break)

I just discovered
The street I pass by every day
is so beautiful at dusk
The gentle breeze softly brushes by
The fragrance of flowers fascinates me
Do u remember
Just for you
Simple joys

一路向前走 美妙的
Walking ahead, wonderful
Holiday, be with me
At this moment, I am so relaxed that I almost take off
Because I’m so happy
U got me crazy
U got me crazy
I feel so good today

今天 我睡到自然醒
Today, I woke up naturally without an alarm clock
推开窗 空气多清新
Open the window. How pure and fresh the air is!
The mood basking in the sun
And the dreamlike scenery

Oh 嘴里哼着歌
Oh humming songs
脚步轻松 行李也不多
and walking at a brisk pace. My luggage is not heavy.
So take a break

开始憧憬 期待已久的旅行
Start dreaming of the jaunt I’ve been looking forward to for a long time:
Countless stars
金色的海滩 偶遇多浪漫
The gold beach. How romantic a chance encounter is!
Do you remember
Just for you
Simple joys

VERSE #4 x2

In the rain
Take a break
Like a dream
My holiday


VERSE #4 x2

In the rain
Take a break
Like a dream
My holiday

Chinese Pop Songs, My Favorite Songs

可爱女人-周杰伦 (Lovely Woman-Jay Chou)


曲:周杰伦 (Composer: Zhou Jielun/Jay Chou)
词:徐若瑄 (Lyrics: Xu Ruoxuan/Vivian Hsu)
演唱:周杰伦 (Singer: Zhou Jielun/Jay Chou)
MV: 可爱女人-周杰伦 (Lovely Woman-Jay Chou)

想要有直升机 想要和妳飞到宇宙去
Want to have a chopper and fly to the universe with you
想要和妳融化在一起 融化在银河里
Want to melt away with you in the Milky Way

I miss miss miss miss you every day every day every day
这样的甜蜜 让我开始相信命运
Sweetness like this made me begin to have faith in fate
感谢地心引力 让我碰到妳
Thank you to gravity for making me meet you

Lovely woman who is so pretty that she makes me blush
Lovely woman who is so gentle that she makes me want to protect her
Lovely woman who is so transparent that she touches my heart
Lovely woman who is so bad that she makes me crazy





The world is so big but I am just a teeny tiny little ant
But I will try my best to protect you


Lovely woman who is so pretty that she makes me blush
Lovely woman who is so gentle that she makes me want to protect her
So transparent that she moves me…

Chinese Pop Songs

匆匆那年-王菲 (Fleet of Time-Faye Wong/Wang Fei)


曲:梁翘柏 (Composer: Kubert Leung/Liang Qiaobo)
词:林夕(Lyricist: Albert Leung/Lin Xi)
演唱:王菲 (Singer: Faye Wong/Wang Fei)
MV: 匆匆那年-王菲 (Fleet in Time-Faye Wong/Wang Fei)

匆匆那年我们 究竟说了几遍 再见之后再拖延
Hastily that year, how many times did we say “So long” and then postpone the breakup again
可惜谁也没有 爱过不是一场 七情上面的雄辩
But no one really stuck it out. Experiencing love is not a vehement debate about emotions and desires
匆匆那年我们 一时匆忙撂下 难以承受的诺言
Hastily that year we discarded the unbearable promise in a rush
in the hope of waiting for other people to realize it

不怪那吻痕还 没积累成茧
Do not complain that the kiss marks didn’t accumulate into the callose yet [Do not complain that we parted before we kissed enough]
拥抱着冬眠也没能 羽化再成仙
Even if we hibernate in each other’s arms, we wouldn’t be able to ascend into the land of immortals
不怪这一段情 没空反复再排练
Do not complain that in this relationship we didn’t have time to rehearse and practice
是岁月宽容恩赐 反悔的时间
Thanks to the generosity of time, we’re blessed with a break for remorse

如果再见不能红着眼 是否还能红着脸
If we were not allowed to cry when we reunite, could we still blush when we reunite?
就像那年匆促 刻下永远一起 那样美丽的谣言
Just like the year when we hastily carved the beautiful rumor of “Forever Together”
如果过去还值得眷恋 别太快冰释前嫌
If the past is still worth reminiscing, then don’t let go of the grudges too fast
谁甘心就这样 彼此无挂也无牵
Who would be willing to just get out of enmeshment and move on without a care
我们要互相亏欠 要不然凭何怀缅
We need to be indebted to each other, otherwise what do we miss each other for?

匆匆那年我们 见过太少世面 只爱看同一张脸
Hastily that year, we had so little experience of life that we craved the same face
那么莫名其妙 那么讨人欢喜 闹起来又太讨厌
So inexplicable, so pleasing [when we were in love], and so annoying when we fought
相爱那年活该 匆匆因为我们 不懂顽固的诺言
We asked for it because we were in love that year. Our love vanished in a hurry because we didn’t understand that the headstrong promise
was only a prelude to breakup

不怪那天太冷 泪滴水成冰
Do not complain that it was so frigid that day that tears dropped and froze
春风也一样没 吹进凝固的照片
Even if the spring breeze couldn’t breathe life into those those photos
不怪每一个人 没能完整爱一遍
Do not blame that people did not love from start to finish
是岁月善意落下 残缺的悬念
It was a fragmented suspense left by time thanks to its kindness


We need to be indebted to each other
We need to stay connected despite separation