Chinese Pop Songs

劉哈哈與大先生-劉心&董成鵬 Liu Haha and Mr. Da-Liu Xin & Dong Chengpeng

Note: This song is the theme song of the online series Diors Man.

詞: 劉心 & 董成鵬
Lyricists: Liu Xin & Dong Chengpeng
Composer: Liu Xin

I am less and less confident
My stupid hair keeps falling out

那些快樂 快樂
Those joys, joys
不屬於我 還剩下什麽
don’t belong to me. What’s left [for me]?
一把吉他 陪我唱歌
One guitar accompany to sing songs

This is not the kind of life that I want
How I wish pretty girls craved looking at me
不是笑我 笑我 調侃著我
not laughing at me, jeering at me, or ridiculing me
as if I were a loser
Actually my mom said I also have many strengths

This world has sped up
可是怎麽卻都不快樂 oh~
but we are not happy whatever we do, oh~
Take off your heavy mask
Listen to me sing a song
簡單有時比復雜值得 oh~
Simplicity is sometimes more worthwhile than complexity, oh~

我想要點 春風
I want a little spring breeze
我想要點 感動
I want to feel a little moved
我想要點 香檳
I want a little champagne
我想要碟 花生
I want a small plate of peanuts
沙灘 海風
beach, sea breeze
美女如雲 穿梭
A number of pretty girls walk back and forth
這是我的美夢 白日夢
This is my beautiful dream, day dream

Repeat *** once

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