Chinese Pop Songs

旋轉門-謝沛恩 Revolving Door-Aggie Hsieh

Lyricist: Shen Mingli
Composer: Zhang Shitang

不說話 以為 沉默能讓時光走的緩慢
Not speaking, assuming that silence can make time slow down
不想念 以為 感傷是生活中的小習慣
Not longing, thinking that melancholy is just a small life habit
一個個 心結 忽然間自己解出了答案
Those knots in my hearts [emotional entanglement] suddenly untied themselves
一個個 舊友 疏於聯絡也許已有新的伴
Those old friends, whom I lost touch with, have probably got new pals


I spin clockwise in my youth
一雙手推開時光的門 忘記了關
My hands pushed open the door of time, but they forgot to close it afterwards
How many days fleet like a click of the shutter
到幾年後 一個鏡頭就切換
Fastforward to years later, as if we cut from one shot to another

I go counterclockwise to visit my memories
一圈圈迴圈出不同的 情緒片段
Every circle reflects a different fragment of emotion
I allow hot tears to besiege my heartbreak
想說成熟 要用多少個領悟交換
I wonder how many epiphanies I should have to exchange for maturity

快樂或 孤單 一天的時光用另一天填滿
Happy or lonely—I fill up a day with another day [means I fill up every day with my memories of the past or my imagination of the future]
凌晨或 傍晚 一樣的天色掠過晚歸的站
Dawn or dusk—the same weather brushes off the same stop I arrived at late every day
夢裡 那個人 遁入另一個夢為誰輾轉
The person in my dream retreated into another dream. Who is he tossing and turning for?
我們的 故事 也落入俗套一去不返
Our story also fell into a rut [not different from other love stories], gone never to return

Repeat *** once


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