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贝加尔湖畔-李健 (By Lake Baikal-Li Jian)

曲:李健 (Composer: Li Jian)
词:李健 (Lyrics: Li Jian)
编曲:刘卓 (Arrangements: Liu Zhuo)
演唱:李健 (Singer: Li Jian)
MP3: 贝加尔湖畔-李健 (By Lake Baikal-Li Jian)
MV: 贝加尔湖畔-李健 (By Lake Baikal-Li Jian) 

在我的怀里 在你的眼里
In my arms, in your eyes
那里春风沉醉 那里绿草如茵
There, the spring breeze was captivating and the green meadow was inviting
月光把爱恋 洒满了湖面
The moonlight sprinkled our love all over the lake
两个人的篝火 照亮整个夜晚
The bonfire for two lit up the whole night

多少年以后 如云般游走
Years later, we wandered like clouds
那变换的脚步 让我们难牵手
The ever-changing footsteps, have made it difficult for us to hold hands
这一生一世 有多少你我
In this life, how many yous and Is
have been engulfed by the clear moonlit night
多想某一天 往日又重现
How we wish that someday, we could have yesterday once
我们流连忘返 在贝加尔湖畔
We will linger on by Lake Baikal with no thought of leaving

多少年以后 往事随云走
Years later, fleeting moments passed like clouds
The fluttering snowflakes couldn’t hold the gentleness [of our love]
这一生一世 这时间太少
In this life, there is too little time
to testify to out deep affection that can melt the snow
就在某一天 你忽然出现
Then one day, you suddenly reappeared
你清澈又神秘 在贝加尔湖畔
You were limpid and mystical, by Lake Baikal
你清澈又神秘 像贝加尔湖畔
You were lucid and mystical, by Lake Baikal


I revised the translation based on this video by MovingNotes. Thank you, MovingNotes!


6 thoughts on “贝加尔湖畔-李健 (By Lake Baikal-Li Jian)”

  1. Hi, I am doing a cover of this piece on piano for youtube and I would love to include this translation in the video for the non-Mandarin speaking audience. Could I please have your kind permission to use your great translation? I will credit you and post a link back to this page in the description of the video. Please advise! Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much! Also, I have made some edits to the translation as I thought it followed the flow of my cover slightly better. I will mention that I made slight alterations and will point to this website for the original translation. Is that ok too? Thank you so much once again for being so generous!

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