Chinese Pop Songs

離開-MC HotDog ft. 張震嶽 Leave-MC HotDog ft. Chang Chen-yue

Lyrics: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
Lyrics: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
Arranger: Chang Chen-yue
Producer: Wu Meng Hui

Verse 1:
我忘了怎麼溝通 甚至忘了怎麼寫字
I forgot how to communicate; I even forgot how to write in Chinese
If I am unable to type, I won’t be able to explain
我對著電腦 而晝夜開始顛倒
I face the computer, and day and night are now turned upside down
我活在視窗裡 彷彿永遠不會變老
I live in the windows, as if I would never age
我不需要治裝 只是屁股偶爾會長痔瘡
I don’t need to organize outfits for traveling; it’s just that occasionally I will have hemorrhoid in my butt
The mouse is my wings
在虛擬的世界裡 我戴上面具
In the virtual world, I put on a mask
在數不盡的日夜裡 我像是編劇
During countless days and nights, I am like a screenwriter
在Real World 我用真名說假的話
In the real world, I tell lies with my real name
Another World 我用假名說真的話
[In] another world, I tell the truth with an alias
有點疑惑 我也開始變得有點掙扎
A little confused. I also began to struggle a little bit
在我的兩個世界裡 分不清真假
In my two worlds, I can’t tell what is real and what is not
Facing the keyboard, I type, “Do you feel the same way?”
我故作瀟灑“你也寂寞嗎 ?”
I pretend to be confident and carefree, “Are you lonely, too?”
We get together to enumerate the shortcomings of this world. Do we suffer deservedly?
既然已經離不開了 那就一起罵
Now that we can’t leave this world, let’s scold it together

Chang Chen-yue:
I will never know what will happen tomorrow
What will be the result and how I should face it
I am a mortal, I am not strong, I have no strength
Occasionally at night I will shed tears but I don’t know why
I live in a packed city but I get lost in the crowd
And where is my great goal?
And my pride and my confidence, I can no longer see them clearly
Who will guide me to walk on the road ahead of me?

Verse 2 :
找到真實的自己 這過程或許有點痛
Find the true self. This process may smart a little
這節奏太緊繃 沒過門 有點重
The rhythm is too taxing; no interlude; a little heavy
我的臉 有點臭 我的頭 開始空
My face, is a bit sullen; my head, starts to space out
I keep sitting in front of the computer till 9 AM
(我一直坐在電腦前到早上九點鐘 (MV字幕))
(I keep sitting in front of the computer till 9 AM (MV subtitles))
太多的部落格 太多的密碼
Too many blogs, too many passwords
太多的信箱 養了隻草泥馬
Too many mailboxes, I raise a Grass Mud Horse [euphemism for the expletive “Fuck Your Mother”)
Since when has my world become so complicated?
報新聞的來源都是 網友說的話
The sources of the the news are all what people say on the Internet
但我離不開它 離不開八卦
But I can’t live without it, I can’t live without gossips
像個小呆瓜 還以為自己頭腦發達
I am like a little dummy, but I believe I am smart
我只是想找個人 陪我說說話
I just want to find someone to chat with
它是我出口的門 陪我看世界有多大
It is my exit, helping me see how big the world is
太多的過客 太多的陌生人
Too many passers-by, too many strangers
太多的部落客 我愛上陌生人
Too many bloggers, I fall in love with strangers
Or perhaps because I treat them with more sincerity than their families
已經離不開了 當我打開了這個門
Anyway I won’t be able to live without it anymore, once I open this door

Chang Chen-yue:
Maybe I should see through [fully understand] everything in this world
I feel confused because I care too much about myself
When the sunlight slowly crept into the messy room
I discovered I am like an immature hoodlum
wandering at the end [of the virtual world] and I really want to take off soon
to fly to the place I want to reach
When I raise my head I know God won’t abandon me
He will give me the courage to understand pain and beautiy

Verse 3:
沒有人要聊天 大家都在玩手機
Nobody wants to chat. Everyone is playing with the phone
你錯字連篇 當你手上握著筆
Your writing is full of typos, when you write with a pen
不需要言語 只需要app
No words are needed. Apps are all you need
無聊的鄉民 擠爆了PTT
The boring villagers [provincial Internet users], crashed the PTT [a BBS-like Internet forum]
在虛擬的世界 或許認真就輸了
In a virtual world, maybe you will lose once you get too serious
我說FUCK PTT 鄉民們全都哭了
I said “Fuck PTT”—the villagers all cried
萬人響應 無人到場 又如何
Ten thousand replies, zero attendance. So what?

只會在網路上放話 我聽你胡扯
You only dare to scream online. Why should I listen to your nonsense?
你哭啊 你哭啊 沒有電腦要怎麼活
Go ahead and cry, go ahead and cry. How will you survive with no computers?
Put your hands up 哈哈 全部都有電腦手
Put your hands up. Haha. You all got computer hands [wrist numbness, soreness, or pain]
在真實的世界你說 Life is a struggle
In the real world you say: Life is a struggle
在虛擬的世界 一切都像是一場秀
In the virtual world, everything is like a show
就連上帝也為它瘋狂 誰都一樣
Even God is creazy for it. Everyone is the same
Quitting using the Internet is never in my dictionary
我怎麼忘記了 離不開這框框
How come I forgot that I can’t leave this tube
我的生活晃蕩 每天上…
My life is a mess. Every day I am on [the Internet]…

Chang Chen-yue:
離開我的城市 離開我的世界 離開我的面具
Leave my city, leave my world, leave my mask
離開我的懦弱 離開我的自己 離開我的害怕
Leave my weakness, leave myself, leave my fear
Leave, I won’t care if I have to let my tears stay there

離開我的城市 離開我的世界 離開我的面具
Leave my city, leave my world, leave my mask
離開我的懦弱 離開我的自己 離開我的害怕
Leave my weakness, leave myself, leave my fear
Leave, I won’t care if I have to let my tears stay there


每天重複著 開機 關機 待機
Every day I repeat this: Turn it on, turn it off, sleep mode
The crash doesn’t matter
再按一下 開機 關機 待機
Press again, turn it on, turn it off, sleep mode
The crash doesn’t matter
我始終在 開機 關機 待機
I keep doing this: Turn it on, turn it off, sleep mode
The crash doesn’t matter
我離不開 開機 關機 待機
I can’t leave it—Turn it on, turn it off, sleep mode

Chinese Pop Songs

嗨嗨人生-MC熱狗 feat. 張震嶽&關穎 High High Life-MC HotDog feat. Chang Chen-yue & Terri Kwan

Lyricists: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
編曲:梯依恩 (Ten)

曾經我們苦哈哈 現在雪球們越滾越大
Once we struggled. Now the snowballs are growing bigger and bigger
越混是越屌 其他人像是被結紥
The more badass we are, the cooler. The other folks look as if they had their tubes tied
你講話開始結巴 往身上灑鹽巴
You start stammering when you speak. Sprinkle salt all over your body [to show that the person is unwelcome]
我研發出新的技巧 總是出乎你意料
I developed new skills, always exceeding your imagination
你是假奶矽膠 ㄉㄨㄞ、ㄉㄨㄞ
Your breasts are fake and filled with silica gel, perky and elastic
我是真材實料 受愛戴
Mine are all real and well-admired
大家都覺得我壞 也想要學我的跩
Everyone thinks I am a badass, but they all want to copy my swag
聽聽這喝采 你和我兒子一樣要喝奶
Listen to the cheer. You are just like my son, still in need of milk
少了我饒舌沒色彩 內行的全部都到我這來
Without my rap, this place is colorless. All the pros please come to me
不需要跳舞 舉手投足就像教主
You don’t need to dance. You move like a cult leader
嗨完回家換尿布 但現在我是跳跳虎
After having a blast I will go home and change diapers, but now I am [bouncy like] Tigger

想出來就出來 Feeling is alright
I come out whenever I want. Feeling is alright [It’s fine to have the itch to have fun]
High High人生 要High就要趁現在
High high life. Wanna have a good time? You must seize the moment
就算天塌下來 還有我們都在
Even if the sky falls off, we are all here
把握現在 Hey ! Let’s party all night
Seize the moment. Hey! Let’s party all night

你知道是誰最屌 其他人像是在睡覺
You know who is the coolest. The other people look like they are asleep
已經聞到那味道 花蝴蝶在我身邊圍繞 圍繞
I already sniffed that scent. Butterflies are around, around me
唱饒舌我微妙微翹 你還沒抓到 那訣竅
When I rap, I capture all the nuances, my butt is slightly sticking up. You haven’t grasped that trick.
HipHop是處女地 那我是肥料
Hip hop is a virgin land. And I’m that fertilizer
賺的還不夠多 但其實也夠用
The money we made is not plenty, but actually it’s enough
像夢遊般的生活 Hustler的時候 我像孟波
The sleepwalking-like life. When I sing “Hustler”, I look like Mr. Mumble
可別嫌我膨風 這饒舌夢太矇矓
Don’t complain about my bragging—this rapper dream is all too hazy
白手起家靠空手 從小狗狗到狗董
I started from scratch and relied on nothing but my two empty hands. I grew from Little Doggy to President HotDog
多轟動 像瘋狗浪 麥克風 我走唱
What a sensation. Like a wondering mad dog. Microphone. I tour and sing

開關在我手上 High High人生 It’s turn on
The switch is in my hands. High high life. It’s turn on [It’s turned on]
用力地工作 用力地玩
Work hard. Play hard
用力地花錢 也用力跩
Spend money with all your might. Swagger with all your might
Work and Play 用力穿
Work and play. Dress the best way you can

Repeat *** once

聽到這個節奏 沒錯 就是我 熱狗 For sure
When you hear this rhythm, right, it’s me HotDog for sure
你沒聽錯 你沒聽過 有點復古 卻是新貨
You are not mistaken. You are not mistaken. It’s a bit retro, but all is new stuff
我還有聽Daft Punk, so everybody get down
I still listen to Daft Punk, so everybody get down
快釋放你的能量 別站著不動像神像
Hurry and unleash your energy, don’t stand still like a deity statue
魅力在燃燒 好像高空彈跳
My charisma is in flames. It is like bungee jumping
你燃料 用完 你會說哦我還要
When you used up the fuel, you will say “Oh I want more”
這DJ比耶穌還神 強力重拍像在害人
This DJ is more magical than Jesus. The loud pounding sounds are like a virulent virus
音樂像Diamond 你膜拜著像拜神
Music is like a diamond. You worship it the way you worship a god

這音樂讓你愛著 大家都想要快樂
This song is your jam. Everyone wants to be happy.
這首不會喊Fire 點燃你的Lighter
Nobody will scream “Fire” to this song. Ignite your lighter.

Repeat *** once

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MC來了-MC HotDog MC Is Here-MC HogDog

Lyricist: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog
Composer: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog
編曲:梯依恩 (Ten)
Arranger: Ten

台北下了雪 你說那是保麗龍
It snowed in Taipei, but you suspect that’s just polystyrene
耶誕夜的配色 也不配黃綠紅
The colors of Christmas Eve don’t have to be red, yellow and green
叮叮噹 叮叮噹 聽到我的手機鈴聲 你別太緊張
Jingle bells, jingle bells. When you hear my phone’s ringing tone, don’t get too jittery

聖誕夜驚魂 從晚上玩到清晨
A haunted soul on Christmas Eve, I partied till the next morning
打得火熱的情人 融化了雪人
The love birds are billing and cooling, melting the snowman
越冷越開花 原本是呆瓜
The more frigid it gets, the more flowers bloom [the more loving the couples get], though they used to be idiots
Because of Christmas we all became party animals
放些應景的歌 我們盡情的喝
Play some festive songs, and let’s booze as much as we want
今年或許過的很苦 但今天我們可樂
Maybe we’ve had a tough year, but today we will have fun
Last Christmas you broke my heart
今年耶誕 我要 party like a rockstar
This Christmas, I want to party like a rockstar
每個地方都變成皇宮 宅男都出動
Every place gets fancy like a palace. Nerds and geeks got out of their niches
我看到盧廣仲 100種生活聖誕節也只有一種
I saw Crowd Wu, who has “100 Ways of Living” on other days but he also has only one way to spend the Christmas
祝你耶誕快樂 它淺顯易懂
I wish you a merry Christmas. That’s easy to understand

M=Merry C=Christmas
MC又來了就是Merry Christmas
MC is here again, which means “Merry Christmas”
MC又來了 MC又來了
MC is here again, MC is here again
The seaon I miss the most—my MC is here again
Merry Christmas
I want to tell you
Merry Christmas
I want to tell you
Merry Christmas
I want to tell you
Merry Merry Christmas

最想念的季節 我想念著你
In the seaon I miss the most, I miss you
耶誕的老公公 不小心洩了底
Santa Clause let on the secret by accident
像個孩子在夜裡 暗自竊喜
Just like a child on Christmas Eve, I am secretly delighted
我的MC又來了 卻不是在指月經
My MC is here again, but I am not talking about menstruation

Note: In Taiwan, MC is a euphemism for menstruation.

‘U know I mean’
It comes only once a year
只要你快樂 其他都是其次
As long as you are happy, anything else is not a priority
叮叮噹 叮叮噹 當你收到我的簡訊
Jingle bells, jingle bells, when you got my message
did you take it to heart?
你會保留它 還是刪除
Will you save it or delete it?
Do you have company now or are you alone?
你的他 是白馬王子還是蟾蜍
Is your companion a Prince Charming or a toad?

Note: “Toad” is possibly related to the idiom “a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh” referring to a guy aspiring after a woman he is not worthy of.

該不會是你有小孩了 就像吳淡如
Or perhaps you are already a mother, just like Betty Wu
時間還早 還不想回家
The night is still young. I don’t want to go home
The coolest MC is helping to spice up this Christmas
別再聽喬治麥可的 Last Christmas
Stop listening to George Michael’s “Last Christmas”
This year please listen to my song

Repeat *** once

不可能下的雪 已經下在了台北
The impossible snow has fallen in Taipei
不可能遇見的人 或許正在和我派對
The impossible date is possibly partying with me
不可能說的話 那可能先不說話
The impossible conversation…then perhaps we can keep quiet for now
罐頭簡訊他再誠懇 也嫌多話
Even the most sincere canned text messages are too verbose
我是聖誕節薑餅人 把餅做大
I am a gingerbread man for Christmas trying to make big bread [do something big]
當MC又來了 默默許下願望
When MC is here again, I make a wish in my heart
或許 它永遠不可能會實現
Perhaps it will never come true
But who cares
Today is Christmas

Repeat *** twice

Chinese Pop Songs

我愛台妹-MC HotDog & 張震嶽 I Love Local Girls-MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue

Note: 台妹 [tái mèi] literally reads “Taiwanese girls,” but the term actually refers to the local Han Chinese girls in Taiwan rather than those who moved to Taiwan from mainland China after 1945 and their descendants. The stereotype of local Taiwanese girls, together with the male equivalent, 台客 [tái kè], is that they are loud, vulgar, provincial, and poorly educated.

作詞:Mc Hot Dog & 張震嶽
Lyricists: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
作曲:Mc Hot Dog & 張震嶽
Composers: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
Arranger: Chang Chen-yue
演唱:Mc Hot Dog & 張震嶽
Singers: MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue

我的阿妹妹 快來和我跳阿哥哥 Go 我知道你看到是我 妳不會說No
My sister, come on and dance Brother [a kind of night club dance] with me. Go. I know when you see it’s me, you wouldn’t say no
我不是油頭葉教授 我的homiez都叫我熱狗 4 sure
I am not that Professor Yeh with slicked back hair. My homies all call me Hotdog for sure
女孩 就是喜歡妳台台 等等去家裡home pa要不要來
Girl, I just adore your localness. I will have a house party later. Do you wanna come?
只怕你掛的太快 明天要去廟裡收驚拜拜 How High ?! We can kiss the sky!
I only worry that you will pass out too fast and we’ll have to worship a deity at a temple tomorrow to help you get over the shock. How crazy can we be? We can kiss the sky!
人生海海 我們不會只是stand one night 「one night in 墾丁..我留下許多情..」
Life is unpredictable. We won’t just have a one-night-stand. “One night in Kenting…I left too much love…”
你是我的可口可樂 幫我解渴 看我穿著就知道我玩饒舌
You are my Coca-Cola, quenching my thirst. Just look at my attire you will know I am a rapper
不要說我壞話 因為我有順風耳 如果是你肚子大我帶你去看順風婦產科
Don’t speak ill of me, because I am well-informed. If you are knocked up, I will take you to the Soonpoong Clinic

Note: Soonpoong Clinic is a famous South Korean sitcom running from 1998 to 2000. The clinic’s Chinese translation is the same as the first two characters in 順風耳 [shùn fēng ěr], clairaudient ears, a term that describes people with preternaturally good hearing.

我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 林志零算什麼
I love Taiwanese local girls. Taiwanese local girls love me. To me, Ling Zhi Ling means nothing
我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 侯佩涔算什麼
I love Taiwanese local girls. Taiwanese local girls love me. To me, Hou Pei Cen means nothing

Note: The singers are insinuating that graceful, fashionable, educated female stars like Lin Chi-ling and Patty Hou are not as good as the outspoken local girls.

我不愛中國小姐 我愛台妹 萬萬歲
I don’t love Miss China. I love Taiwanese local girls. Long live local girls
妳的檳榔2粒要100好貴 有沒有含睡
Your Areca nuts cost 100 TWD/pair. Does that include sleeping?
如果能夠和妳共枕眠 更多更多的奶粉錢
If I could sleep with you, I am willing to contribute to you
我願意為妳貢獻 我不是愛現
more and more money for the milk powder. It’s not that I like showing off
Please spray a little enchanting perfume
換上妳最性感的高跟鞋 人群之中 妳最亮眼
and get into your sexiest high heels. In the crowds, you are the most outstanding one
台妹來了 我是否和妳一拍即合
Local girls arrived. Do we hit it off right off the bat?
You follow me to many “improper places”
大家看到我都對我喊YES SIR
Everyone scream “Yes Sir” when they see me
Because I am the recognized by the public as the elfing coolest rapper
台妹們 麻煩和我拍拖
Local girls, please date me
我不是凱子 可是付錢我也不會囉唆
I am not a rich, good-looking guy, but I am not a slug when paying
純情是什麼 我不懂
What’s being pure in love? I don’t understand
我的想法很邪惡 張震嶽他懂
My mind is evil. Chang Chen-yue knows that

Repeat *** once

為了妳 我可能要投資一家檳榔攤
For you, I might as well invest in an Areca nut stand
為了妳 家裡可能要有鋼管
For you, I might as well install steel poles at home
為了妳 我要常常下去台南
For you, I will have to go to Tainan very often
為了妳 流氓會來找我麻煩
Because of you, hoodlums will give me trouble
For girls with an air of localness
My adrenaline levels will soar up without hesitation
畢竟妳也不是天使 我也不是聖人
After all you are not an angel, and I am not a saint

時尚的野獸 那就請你滾 我受夠
The monsters of fashion, please leave me alone. I’ve had enough
You are just a bunch of well-trained animals in a circus
所有男模 女模 你在屌什麼
All the male models, female models, why are you so cocky?
我就不信妳現在還有處女膜 都是凱子搓
I don’t believe you still have your hymen. It must have been rubbed off by your rich cute boyfriend
我喜歡台妹說話的口音 有時候挾帶幾句靠杯三字經
I love Taiwanese local girls’ accent, sometimes coupled with some bad words and the three-word mantra [expletive]
愛神的箭 你要射向哪裡
Cubid’s arrow, where are you going?
這裡 Free9 張震嶽 熱狗 這裡 等妳
Here, Free9, Chang Chen-yue, and HotDog are waiting right here for you

Repeat *** once