Chinese Pop Songs

跑車與坦克-張震嶽 Car and Tank-Chang Chen-yue

Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: Chang Chen-yue
Producer: Old Master

女人手裡的花 男人肩上的槍
The flowers in women’s hands, the guns on men’s shoulders
女孩一臉瘦巴巴 男孩一臉驚慌
Girls’ faces are all lean; boys look all panicky
The path tanks stroll along what used to be a bustling street
The foreign soldiers brought food and water
The hopeless people are already tired and dreary
已經厭倦 不想再流淚
Already tired and dreary, they don’t want to shed more tears

女人整型做臉 男人刷卡付錢
Women get plastic surgeries on their bodies and faces, men swipe their cards to pay the bills
女孩不想上學 男孩只想玩game
Girls don’t want to go to school; boys only think about playing games
Racing cars ran by what used to be a rundown street
Politicians and business people brought the economic takeoff
酒足飯飽的胖子已經厭倦 只想減肥
The fat people with full bellies are already weary. All they want is losing weight

兩種不同世界 各自在另一邊
Two different worlds, each occupy a side
總是不得平衡 高低又歪斜
Always imbalanced, unequal and lopsided
正義猶如謊言 真理萬化千變
Justice is like a lie, truth is everchanging
我們所相信的 埋在瓦礫堆
What we believe is buried in a pile of rubble
轟隆隆的炮聲 舞池裡的鼓聲
The thundering bombs, the applause around the dance floor
有人置身事外 有人沒有家
Some people are apathetic; some people are homeless
地球媽媽累了 發燒居高不下
Mother Earth is tired, her fever staying high
你我卻為了利益 撕破臉
But you and I abandon mutual respect and fight openly for some interests

Repeat *** once