Chinese Pop Songs

關鍵詞-林俊傑 The Key-JJ Lin

Note: The literal translation of the song title is “Keyword.”

Lyricist: Yvonne Lin
Composer: JJ Lin
Arranger: Goh Kheng Long
Producer: JJ Lin

好好愛自己 就有人會愛你 這樂觀的說詞
Love yourself, and then someone will come love you—an optimistic excuse
幸福的樣子 我感覺好真實 找不到形容詞
The appearance of happiness—I feel it is so real but can’t find [the right] adjective
沉默在掩飾 快氾濫的激情 只剩下語助詞
The silence is masking the nearly overflowing passion. Only particles are left
有一種踏實 當你口中喊我名字
There is a sense of security when you call my name

落葉的位置 譜出一首詩 時間在消逝 我們的故事開始
The locations of fallen leaves, make up a poem. Time is vanishing. Our story started
這是第一次 讓我見識愛情可以慷慨又自私
This is the first time when I learned that love can be generous as well as selfish 
You are my keyword

我不太確定 愛最好的方式 是動詞或名詞
I am not so sure whether the best way to love is a verb or a noun
很想告訴你 最赤裸的感情 卻又忘詞
I really want to tell you my rawest emotions, but the words slipped my mind
聚散總有時 而哭笑也有時 我不怕潛台詞
Meetings and partings are bound to occur, so are crying and laughing, I am not afraid of the unsaid words
有一種踏實 是你心中有我名字
There is a kind of peace of mind, which is you keeping my name in your heart

Repeat *** once

你藏在歌詞 代表的意思 是專有名詞
You are hidden in the lyrics—what you represent is a proper noun

Repeat *** once