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同學會-鍾漢良 Class Reunion-Wallace Chung

Lyricist: Mickey Huang
Composer: Eric Chen
Arranger: Qian Youlan
Producer: Samuel Tai

就讓我先開始說 這些日子怎麼過
Let me start by talking about how I have been doing these days
I experienced love and hate, and in the end I broke up yesterday
還辦了一支手機 搭配舊的CALL機
I got a mobile phone to pair with the old pager
問題是 三天沒有響過一通
The problem is, for three days I didn’t hear it ring once

記得當年我們啊 理想說不停
I remember back then we couldn’t stop talking about our dreams
如今JACK有孩子結了婚 而ROSE看破紅塵
Now Jack has a kid and got married, while Rose saw through the world of mortals [Buddhist idiom for being disillusioned with human society]
我的同學 不再是同學 是孩子的爹
My classmates are no longer students, but fathers of kids
我的同學 他一家五口 反覆吃喝拉撒睡
My classmate has a family of five who eat, drink, shit, piss, and sleep day after day [meaning repeating the ordinary daily routine]

ANDY忙著玩股票 JEAN拉保險有一套
Andy is busy having fun with stocks; Jean is a gifted insurance agent
(KEVIN忙著拍廣告 AMY推銷冒牌錶)
(KEVIN is busy shooting commercials; Amy sells replica watches)
(SAMUEL片場跑龍套 TOM為貸款到處跑)
(SAMUEL plays small roles on the set; Tom runs around to secure loans)
我的同學 都不再單純 只有老師沒改變
My classmates are no longer innocent; only the teacher did not change

看看現在每一天 都要努力衝向前
Look at our current life. We all have to strive hard and race forward
Thanks to the weekend we can finally get together.

Repeat *** twice with lyrics in the parentheses

Chinese Pop Songs

真命天子-鍾漢良 The One-Wallace Chung

Note: The song title literally means “The One Chosen by Heaven.” Traditionally it means the emperor. Now it means Mr. Right.

Lyricist: Anson Yen
Composer: Le Zhisheng
Producer: Guo Wenxian

真命天子理論上一定會存在 和你心靈契合共創美好未來
Theoretically speaking there must be a Mr. Right who will make a congenial couple and create a wonderful future with you

相信只要繼續耐心等待 等到他來應該不至於已年過半百 唉
You believe that as along as you keep waiting patiently, he will arrive before you are fifty, ay

問吧你的姊妹 問你的塔羅牌 到底是你要的還是你媽要的愛
Ask your sisters, ask your tarot cards: Whom on earth do you want, the one you love or the one your mom loves?

怎麼還是當我不存在 我想親你親你親死你親到你想愛 愛
Why do you still ignore me? I want to kiss you, kiss you to death, kiss you till you want to love me. Love~

什麼是帥 帥就是走路跩 全身很High
What is cute? Cute is walking with swagger, the whole body beaming with energy

什麼是愛 愛就是要現在和一點未來
What is love? Love is wanting the present and a little bit of the future [with you]

Other than the one, the dates are all so quirky

Always Trip Left And Right and Never Satisfied
這不該 那不該 高高 瘦瘦 矮矮 醜醜 帥帥
He shouldn’t be like this. He shouldn’t be like that. Tall, skinny, short, ugly, cute…

說Good Bye Pssh 我們明明談的來
You said goodbye pssh, while we are actually see eye to eye

到了現在 你把我當作兄弟還是遊戲
Now do you see me as a bro or a joke?

沒事常常打來 說你Really Really Love Me
You often call me when you have nothing to do and say you really really love me

難道我不想愛 你連Try都不Try
Do you think I really on’t want to fall in love? But you don’t even want to give it a try

你怎麼知道不是我 Now How You Know I Ain’t The Guy
How come you decided I am not the one? Now how you know I ain’t the guy

Repeat *** once

真命天子以外 天子以外 Always Trip Left And Right
Other than the one,
Trip Left And Right Never Satisfied Never Satisfied
矮矮 醜醜 帥帥 醜醜 帥帥
Short, ugly, cute, ugly, cutee?
到了現在 你把我當作兄弟還是遊戲
Now do you see me as a bro or a joke?
沒事常常打來 說你Really Really Love Me
When you have nothing to do you often call me and say you really really love
難道我不想愛 你連Try都不Try
Do you think I really don’t want to fall in love? But you don’t even want to give it a try
你怎麼知道不是我 Now How You Know I Ain’t The Guy
How come you decided I am not the one? Now how you know I ain’t the guy
什麼是帥 帥就是走路跩 全身很High
What is cute? Cute is walking with swagger, the whole body beaming with energy
什麼是愛 愛就是要現在和一點未來
What is love? Love is wanting the present and a little bit of the future [with you]

Chinese Pop Songs

心安-鍾漢良 Peace of Mind-Wallace Chung

MP3: Peace of Mind-Wallace Chung

Lyricist: Zhang Mengwan
Composer: Peng Xuebin

安靜坐在板凳上 時光多緩慢
Quietly sitting on the stool. How slowly time passes
開口說驚濤駭浪 聽了都嚮往
Startted talking about the stormy sea, kindling a yearning for adventures in the listener

劇中人追求稱王 卻沒發現旅途的星光
The people in dramas strive to be the king, but fail to discover the starlight on the journey
唱著歌尋找希望 小小聲音傾聽著多嘹亮
Sing a song and look for hope. The voice sounds feeble but the singing is loud and clear.

Having experienced romance, we understood love is difficult
Underlying this city’s grandeur is an air of melancholy
It’s just that we have been used to pretending it is natural
But after shutting the door and windows, we can’t resist the yearning for the loved ones

Quietly wait alone for daybreak
When every departure is laden with beauty and grief
someday we would eventually know everything there is to know about being alone
只願你心安 誰不渴望心安
I only wish you peace of mind. Who doesn’t yearn for peace of mind?

We made a pact that we wouldn’t forget the original dreams
Every day in the future, we will face the sun
We will feel free to embrace and knowlingly smile
想給你平安 時時刻刻心安
I want you to be safe and sound. And peace of mind all the time

如何能心安 我們充滿希望
How can we have peace of mind? We are filled with hope

Chinese Pop Songs

浪人天涯-鍾漢良 Wanderer at the End of the World-Wallace Chung

MP3: Wanderer at the End of the World-Wallace Chung

This song is the theme song of Moonlight Blade OL, an online game based on the TV drama The Magic Blade starring Wallace Chung as the male lead Fu Hongxue.

Lyricist: Liang Jinxing
Composer: Huang Shengfeng

The wind disheveled your tresses,
an Impressionist painting etched in my mind
一記耳光結束了 分叉
A slap in the face ended our divergence [meaning a slap led to the breakup]

The wound turned into a scab, the memories slightly blurred
The process is like a lengthy one-man vacation
默哀渡過了時差 蒸發
The silent mourning trudged through the period and evaporated

No need to pretend to be mighty
Our love was smeared by the doodles of time
Struggling to be strong is too silly

你走了 天不會塌 我放手吧
You left, but it doesn’t mean the sky would fall. Let me let go of you
濕答答 溺著掙扎 就停止吧
Soggy, drowning yet struggling. Just call a halt [to this self-torture]
當你的存在 軀殼化 再磨蹭也是徒然啊
When your presence became merely physical [meaning when your heart was somewhere else], any more dawdling was doomed to be futile
一杯茶 再多想法 喝完喊卡 放下
No matter how many thoughts hover my mind, as soon as I down this cup of tea, I will shout “Cut!” and let it go

Chinese Pop Songs

眼前-譚晶 Before the Eyes-Tan Jing

Lyricist: Zhou Jieying
Composer: Tan Xuan
Arranger: Zhou Jingwei
Producer: Tan Xuan
Singer: Tan Jing or Jacqueline Tan

隨一片風 追一粒沙
Suí yīpiàn fēng zhuī yī lì shā
Follow a gust of wind, chase a grain of sand
Dào xuányá bù shěde lè mǎ
Not willing to rein at the edge of a cliff
斟一碗酒 醉一夜話
Zhēn yī wǎn jiǔ zuì yīyè huà
Pour a bowl of wine, chat a night away
Wèi hóngyán lèi sǎ mǎn jīn huā
Allow tears to soak the boutonniere for my fair lady

兵臨池下 血濺白紗
Bīng línchí xià xuè jiàn bái shā
The troops reached the fortress, the blood stained the white gauze
Hónghuāng zhōng yǔ nǐ sì mù xiàngjiāo
I exchanged intent gazes with you in the bedlam
鐵蹄鞭撻 心亂如麻
Tiětí biāntà xīn luàn rú má
The iron hoofs lashed against the ground, my mind was a tangled knot
Wèihé suàn bù chū zhè yī guà
Why didn’t I see this coming?

不聽 不問 不忍懷中相殺
Bù tīng bù wèn bùrěn huái zhōng xiāng shā
Not listening, not asking, not bearing to slaughter my kindred spirit
與你冰刃交加 怎無牽掛
Yǔ nǐ bīng rèn jiāojiā zěn wú qiānguà
Battling you with an ice cold blade, how could I not worry
一念之差 心墻都傾塌
Yīniànzhīchā xīn qiáng dōu qīngtā
With a wrong decision, the walls of my heart collapsed
眼前是愛是恨 都隨它
Yǎnqián shì ài shì hèn dōu suí tā
Whether my eyes saw love or hate, is up to them

刀劍下 怕與你各一方
Dāojiàn xià pà yǔ nǐ gè yīfāng
Under the sword, dreading being separated from you
Tàn gū fāng wú rén lái shǎng
I lamented a lonesome blossom bereft of appreciation

Note: I worked with xah and Chewywon on translating this song.

Chinese Pop Songs

淚塔-方圓 Tower of Tears-Fang Yuan

作詞:鄭楠 & 金放
Lyricist: Zheng Nan & Jin Fang
Composer: Tan Xuan
編曲: 陳夔
Arranger: Chen Hui
Singer:  Fang Yuan

春雨 再次枉成雪花
Chūnyǔ zàicì wang chéng xuěhuā
Spring raindrops are turned into snowflakes again
歲月 將人拆成撇捺
Suìyuè jiāng rén chāi chéng piē nà
Time shattered our souls
此情 閱歷並不復雜
Cǐ qíng yuèlì bìng bù fùzáThis
Our love did not witness complicated experiences
Què ràng wǒmen zǒu rù fēn chà
But it led us down different paths

Nǐ zhēngzhe yī shuāngyǎnYou
You kept your eyes open
Shěmìng qù dǎng fēng shā
risked your life to confront the sandstorm
劈荊棘 騎白馬
Pī jīngjí qí báimǎ
You broke through brambles while riding a white horse
Què zěnme yě yuè bùguò
but still couldn’t hurdle
Cuò yōng de fāng huá
our missed youth
在劍下 想留一絲情 掙紮
Zài jiàn xià xiǎng liú yīsī qíng zhēngzhá
Under the sword, you begged for a little mercy, you struggled

命中的沙 裹著思念
Mìngzhòng de shā guǒzhe sīniàn
The unavoidable sandstorm was wrapped with our pining for each other
Rèn shíguāng duī lèi chéng tǎ
Just let time pile up a tower of tears
淚是珍珠 看似堅硬無暇
Lèi shì zhēnzhū kàn shì jiānyìng wúxiá
Tears are pearls, seemingly flawless and unbreakable
卻不知何時 卻就在此時 崩塌
Què bùzhī hé shí què jiù zài cǐ shí bēngtā
but nobody knows when they will crumble away—perhaps at this very moment

Note: I worked with Chewywon on translating this song.

Chinese Pop Songs

不負-周品 Never Betray-Zhou Pin

Lyricist: Li Xueman
Composer: Tan Xuan
Arranger: Xue Feng
製作人:Tan Xuan
Producer: 譚旋
Singer:  Zhou Pin

Nàihé fēnluàn de xuānxiāo
Helpless in chaos and tumult
Sànluò liúlí de jìliáo
Lonely in separation and exile
願只能不改初心 就好
Yuàn zhǐ néng bù gǎi chūxīn jiù hǎo
I only pray we never change our original aspiration
Lángyānsìqǐ de āiháo
Smoke signals rise on all sides, people wail at the imminent war
Duì tiān qǐshì wèilái rú mèng huò jiān’áo
I swear to God whether the future is a dream or an ordeal
Dōu jǐn jǐn yīkào
We will tightly hold on to each other

Bèifù suǒyǒu de shāng tòng cái zhídé měihǎo
Only after we endure pain will we deserve happiness
Bǎi zhuǎn qiān zhé shuí néng liào
Who can predict life’s countless twists and turns?
用盡一生蒼老 願妳一笑
Yòng jìn yīshēng cānglǎo yuàn nǐ yīxiào
I exhaust my life, only wishing for a smile from you
Shēn xiàn bīnghuāngmǎluàn de páoxiāo
Notwithstanding the turmoil and chaos of war
Wǒ jiāndìng bù yáo
I stand firm
愛永遠追隨 天涯海角
Ài yǒngyuǎn zhuīsuí tiānyáhǎijiǎo
My love will follow you forever, to the end of the world

Chūn yíng qiūsī de chánrào
The plentiful spring and the soulful autumn envelope me
Xià sè dōng yǔ de lísāo
The colorful summer and the whispering winter live in my poem
Su bù jìn sīniàn xin tòng rú jiǎo
There is no end to all the pining and heartaches
Dēng shàng bùshèng hán de gāo
I ascend to the lonely heights
Diéluò fúchén lěngnuǎn de cháo
I tumble into the freezing irony and the burning satire through life’s ups and downs
人海中 尋妳的容貌
Rén hǎizhōng xún nǐ de róngmào
In the ruck, I search your face

Repeat *** 1X

Rènpíng luànshì biànyě huáng shā yíngmiàn héngsǎo
Despite the turbulent world where the yellow sand pelts my face
Lièrì bēngluò yǐng cánzhào
and the scorching sun collapses into the afterglow
穿越地陷天塌 愛怎可拋
Chuānyuè dì xiàn tiān tā ài zěn kě pāo
I cross the falling sky and the crumbling earth. How can I forsake my love?
Chōngzhuàng guó hèn rúshān de zǔnáo
Dashing through the hindrance of overwhelming national enmity
Xiāngsī rùgǔ shāo
is our deep-seated lovesickness
Wǒ yǒng bù xiāng fù cǐshēng yǒngbào
I’ll never betray the embrace of love