Chinese Pop Songs

藍旗袍-范曉萱 Blue Cheongsam-Mavis Fan

Lyricist: Cao Jun & Li Quan
Composer: Li Quan
Arranger: Huang Zhongyue

穿一件藍色的旗袍 讓你看的神魂顛倒
Put on a blue cheongsam, making you absolutely infatuated
愛你愛到無可救藥 想嚇你一跳
Loving you to the point where I am hopeless, I want to give you a surprise

穿一件藍色的旗袍 抬起了肩膀踮起了腳
Donning a blue cheongsam, I raise my shoulders and stand on tiptoe
高貴的女人不會怕老 你配我算公道
Nobel women don’t dread aging. It is fair that you are matched with me
我多瘋狂 除了你沒有別人會知道
How crazy am I? Nobody will know it except you
我多輕佻 在你面前理智統統取消
How frivolous am I? I write off all my rationality when in front of you

You help me put on a blue cheongsam
I help you put on a white dress hat [for formal settings]
我們是前生註定 早晚要擁抱
We are predestined to be together. We will in each other’s arms sooner or later