Chinese Pop Songs

十七-S.H.E Seventeen-S.H.E

Lyricist/Composer: Wu Tsing-Fong

在無窮無盡之間 充滿吶喊的子夜
Between infinity and the boisterous midnight
十七歲的我們 在哪邊
when we were 17 years old, which side did we take?
在未來攤開之前 期待又怕受傷害
Before the future unfolded, [the ones that were] full of anticipation and the apprehension about getting hurt
是我 和你和你 說著夢想 說著心願
were me, and you, and you, talking about dreams, talking about wishes

在有來有往之後 三種特別的語言
After some exchanges, [we developed] three special languages
上天選了我們 圍成圈
The Heavens chose us to form a circle
在潮起潮落之間 將我環繞的世界
In a world that surrounds us, the tides ebb and flow
拾起 許多情節 如此和諧 如此無間
[we] garnered many plots; [we are] so harmonious, so close

時間的長河 我非你們不可
In the flux of time, I want nobody but you two
緣分的比喻 匯流成一首歌
The metaphors of destiny, converged into a song
那是我們 從還懵懂的青春
That’s us, coming from the baffled youth
變成 最重要的人
and growing into the most important people for each other

Perhaps it was due to those meetings and partings
Perhaps it was due to those incredulous looks [from the skeptics]
that our life [as a group] continues to extend
that more memories continue to emerge

我們的感情 不是什麼新聞
Our bond, is nothing new
你身邊也會 有珍惜你的人
By your side, there are also people who cherish you
那是我們 最想祝福的你們
Such a group of fans are the people whom we most want to give our wishes to:
懂得 活著的快樂
Understand the joy of being alive

一起走過了 彼此一半的人生
We’ve walked together, we’ve accompanied each other for half of our lives
Our companionship will only grow deeper

We’ll walk together until we reach eternity
And we invite you to be our witnesses

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