Chinese Pop Songs

貪玩的情人-鍾漢良 Naughty Lover-Wallace Chung

Lyricist: Wu Yukang
Composer: Jamie Hsueh

From your eyes and brows to the corners of your lips
Just like a winding river that quenches my thirst

愛對我開門我為你心疼 對了
Love opens the door to me; I feel for you. Right,
You are the one. What else am I waiting for?
I don’t hide, you don’t dodge
I want to love openly and candidly
Fretting over trifles, dwelling on details. That’s exactly what love is about
Don’t feel perplexed. Don’t let your imagination run wild
感情經不起一遍遍的挑戰Oh Ya
Love can’t stand the challenge of constant [suspicion]. Oh yeah

我真的想好好愛 在你身邊定下來
I really want to love and settle down by your side
I don’t want to fool around anymore, leaving my love here and there
我真的想好好愛 永遠永遠不離開
I really want to love. never never to walk away
A lover who no longer fools around. Will you still him?

Repeat *** once

Repeat ### once

Repeat *** four times

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