Chinese Pop Songs

年輪說-楊丞琳 Traces of Time In Love-Rainie Yang

Composer: Zheng Yujie
Lyricist: Wu Tsing-fong

看 回憶這把刀
Look, the knife of memories
切開我身體 研究我的風雨
cleaves open my body, studying my hardships
這圈是我 那圈是你 開過心的開心
This ring is me, that ring is you. [We had] the fun that made us open up
看 成長的痕跡
Look, the traces of growth
包裹我生命 篆刻我的章印
envelop my life, carve my seal
計算著我 計算著你 過不去的過去
and keep a tally of the memories we can’t erase [the original lyric is “the past we can’t overcome”]

一是嬰兒哭啼 二是學遊戲
One [the first ring] was the wailing of a baby, two was learning to play games
三是青春物語 四是碰巧遇見你
Three was the tales of youth, four was meeting you by a fluke
了解這個你 沈迷這個你
Got to know you, obsessed over you
時間暫停 再繼續
Time paused, and then it went on

十是寂寞夜裏 百是懷了疑
Ten was lonely nights, one hundred was starting to suspect
千是掙紮夢醒 萬是鐵心離開你
One thousand was floundering to wake up from the dream, Ten thousands was resolving to leave you
經歷這個你 活成這個我 細數自己
Having experienced you, I became me. I reviewed my life carefully [the original lyric was “carefully counted myself”]

聽 遠方的信號
Listen. The signal from afar
痛過的美麗 仍將冉冉升起
After the suffering, the beauty will slowly rise again
想起的我 想起了你 難跨過的難過
The me in your memories, thought of you; the blues that’s hard to surmount
聽 發出的警告
Listen. The warning that was given.
余燼的煙蒂 仍將燃燒思念
The remnants of the cigarette butt. The yearning keeps burning
燒毀了我 燒毀了你 未到來的未來
It engulfed us in flames, as well as the future we’ll never reach

Repeat *** once

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