Chinese Pop Songs

神秘嘉賓-林宥嘉 Mystery Guest-Yoga Lin

Lyricist: Chen Xinyan
Composer: Zheng Nan
Arranger: Zheng Nan

我踩著夢的階梯 走進了 一座迷霧森林
I took the stairs of a dream, walking into a misty forest
誰的心事 被天使竊聽 泛起漣漪
Whose worry did the angel eavesdrop on, causing a ripple?

時間它幫我設計 下一秒 誰是神秘嘉賓
Time designed for me who would be the mystery guest at the next second
小心翼翼 揭開了面具 掌聲鼓勵
Carefully, the mask was taken off, receiving a round of encouraging applause

誰闖進我的場地 誰讓我措手不及
Who intruded on my site? Who caught me unprepared?
我早就預備的劇情 妳卻給我一筆
I’ve long expected a certain plot to take place, but you,
狡猾地 致命地正中我紅心
slyly, lethally, hit me squarely at my red heart

我跟誰變得親密 誰逐漸離我遠去
Who did I get close to? Who gradually left me?
華麗演出共襄盛舉 唯有妳的背影
A splendid play, a grand joint project. But your silhouette
as a cameo role left me with an indelible memory

妳按了我的門鈴 我終於 從呵欠中甦醒
You rang my doorbell. I finally woke up with yawns
緊張兮兮 對妳說一句 歡迎光臨
All keyed up, I said to you: Welcome

全場觀眾都離席 剩下我 還在原地尋覓
All the audiences have left. Only I am still here looking for [you]
耳邊聽著 謝幕的歌曲 走不出去
Listening to the ending tune, I am unable to get out [of this place]

Repeat *** once

我搬到誰的隔壁 誰成了我的鄰居
Whose room is mine adjacent to? Who is my neighbor now?
鳴謝生命有妳參與 笑納我的邀請
Grateful for your appearance in my life, your kindly accepting my invitation
曲終人散卻寫下不會結束 的結局
The tune ends and the audience disperse, but [we] wrote down the ending chapter called “It Is Never Over”





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