Cantonese Pop Songs

明星-葉德嫻 Star-Deanie Ip

Lyricist/Composer: James Wong

當你見到天上星星 可有想起我
When you see the stars in the sky, would you ever think of me?
可有記得當年我的臉 曾為你更比星星笑得多
Would you ever recall my face in that year when I smiled for you more than the stars?
當你記起當年往事 你又會如何
When you thought of past events, what would you do?
可會輕輕淒然歎喟 懷念我在你心中照耀過
Would you sigh sadly and softly, reminiscing about the fact that once shined in your heart?
* 我像那銀河星星 讓你默默愛過
* I am like the star in the Milky Way once loved silently by you
—更讓那柔柔光輝 為你解痛楚
Moreover, I let my soft starlight alleviate your pain *
# 當你見到光明星星 請你想想起我
# When you see a bright star, please recall me
當你見到星河燦爛 求你在心中記住我 #
When you see the grandeur of the galaxy, I plead with you to keep me in your mind #

Repeat * & #


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