Chinese Pop Songs

嗨嗨人生-MC熱狗 feat. 張震嶽&關穎 High High Life-MC HotDog feat. Chang Chen-yue & Terri Kwan

Lyricists: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
編曲:梯依恩 (Ten)

曾經我們苦哈哈 現在雪球們越滾越大
Once we struggled. Now the snowballs are growing bigger and bigger
越混是越屌 其他人像是被結紥
The more badass we are, the cooler. The other folks look as if they had their tubes tied
你講話開始結巴 往身上灑鹽巴
You start stammering when you speak. Sprinkle salt all over your body [to show that the person is unwelcome]
我研發出新的技巧 總是出乎你意料
I developed new skills, always exceeding your imagination
你是假奶矽膠 ㄉㄨㄞ、ㄉㄨㄞ
Your breasts are fake and filled with silica gel, perky and elastic
我是真材實料 受愛戴
Mine are all real and well-admired
大家都覺得我壞 也想要學我的跩
Everyone thinks I am a badass, but they all want to copy my swag
聽聽這喝采 你和我兒子一樣要喝奶
Listen to the cheer. You are just like my son, still in need of milk
少了我饒舌沒色彩 內行的全部都到我這來
Without my rap, this place is colorless. All the pros please come to me
不需要跳舞 舉手投足就像教主
You don’t need to dance. You move like a cult leader
嗨完回家換尿布 但現在我是跳跳虎
After having a blast I will go home and change diapers, but now I am [bouncy like] Tigger

想出來就出來 Feeling is alright
I come out whenever I want. Feeling is alright [It’s fine to have the itch to have fun]
High High人生 要High就要趁現在
High high life. Wanna have a good time? You must seize the moment
就算天塌下來 還有我們都在
Even if the sky falls off, we are all here
把握現在 Hey ! Let’s party all night
Seize the moment. Hey! Let’s party all night

你知道是誰最屌 其他人像是在睡覺
You know who is the coolest. The other people look like they are asleep
已經聞到那味道 花蝴蝶在我身邊圍繞 圍繞
I already sniffed that scent. Butterflies are around, around me
唱饒舌我微妙微翹 你還沒抓到 那訣竅
When I rap, I capture all the nuances, my butt is slightly sticking up. You haven’t grasped that trick.
HipHop是處女地 那我是肥料
Hip hop is a virgin land. And I’m that fertilizer
賺的還不夠多 但其實也夠用
The money we made is not plenty, but actually it’s enough
像夢遊般的生活 Hustler的時候 我像孟波
The sleepwalking-like life. When I sing “Hustler”, I look like Mr. Mumble
可別嫌我膨風 這饒舌夢太矇矓
Don’t complain about my bragging—this rapper dream is all too hazy
白手起家靠空手 從小狗狗到狗董
I started from scratch and relied on nothing but my two empty hands. I grew from Little Doggy to President HotDog
多轟動 像瘋狗浪 麥克風 我走唱
What a sensation. Like a wondering mad dog. Microphone. I tour and sing

開關在我手上 High High人生 It’s turn on
The switch is in my hands. High high life. It’s turn on [It’s turned on]
用力地工作 用力地玩
Work hard. Play hard
用力地花錢 也用力跩
Spend money with all your might. Swagger with all your might
Work and Play 用力穿
Work and play. Dress the best way you can

Repeat *** once

聽到這個節奏 沒錯 就是我 熱狗 For sure
When you hear this rhythm, right, it’s me HotDog for sure
你沒聽錯 你沒聽過 有點復古 卻是新貨
You are not mistaken. You are not mistaken. It’s a bit retro, but all is new stuff
我還有聽Daft Punk, so everybody get down
I still listen to Daft Punk, so everybody get down
快釋放你的能量 別站著不動像神像
Hurry and unleash your energy, don’t stand still like a deity statue
魅力在燃燒 好像高空彈跳
My charisma is in flames. It is like bungee jumping
你燃料 用完 你會說哦我還要
When you used up the fuel, you will say “Oh I want more”
這DJ比耶穌還神 強力重拍像在害人
This DJ is more magical than Jesus. The loud pounding sounds are like a virulent virus
音樂像Diamond 你膜拜著像拜神
Music is like a diamond. You worship it the way you worship a god

這音樂讓你愛著 大家都想要快樂
This song is your jam. Everyone wants to be happy.
這首不會喊Fire 點燃你的Lighter
Nobody will scream “Fire” to this song. Ignite your lighter.

Repeat *** once

Designed by Haha

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