Chinese Pop Songs

園遊會-周杰倫 Fun Fair-Jay Chou

Lyricist: Vincent Fang
Composer: Jay Chou
Arranger: Hung Ching-yao

琥珀色黃昏像糖在很美的遠方 你的臉沒有化妝我卻瘋狂愛上
The amber-colored dusk resembles candies, residing in the beautiful distance. Your face was not covered by makeup, but I crazily fell in love with it
思念跟影子在傍晚一起被拉長 我手中那張入場券陪我數羊
Both my longing and my shadow were stretched at dusk. The admission ticket in my hand accompanied me to count sheep

薄荷色草地芬芳像風沒有形狀 我卻能夠牢記你的氣質跟臉龐
The fragrance of the mint-colored meadows is like the wind, formless. Yet I can remember your face and grace very well
冷空氣跟琉璃在清晨很有透明感 像我的喜歡被你看穿
The crisp air and the colored glaze are crystal clear in the early morning, just like my affection easily perceived by you

攤位上一朵艷陽 我悄悄出現你身旁
[You were] a bright sun at the vendor’s booth. I quietly appeared by your side
你慌亂的模樣 我微笑安靜欣賞
The way you looked when you were flustered , I smiled and quietly admired it

我頂著大太陽 只想為你撐傘 你靠在我肩膀 深呼吸怕遺忘
I braved the blazing sun, only wishing to open an umbrella over your head. You leaned against my shoulder. I breathed deepily lest I forget [this moment]
因為撈魚的蠢遊戲我們開始交談 多希望話題不斷 園遊會永不打烊
Because of the silly goldfish scooping game we started talking. I wish we would never run out of topics and the fun fair would last forever

汽球在我手上 我牽著你瞎逛 有話想對你講 你眼睛卻裝忙
The balloon was in my hand. I held your hands and we sauntered about. I had something to tell you, but your eyes pretended to be busy
雞蛋糕跟妳嘴角果醬我都想要嘗 園遊會影片在播放 這個世界約好一起逛
The [Taiwanese] egg waffle and the jam at the corner of your mouth—I want to taste both of them. The film screening continued at the fun fair. We made a pact to roam this world together

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