Chinese Pop Songs

同學會-鍾漢良 Class Reunion-Wallace Chung

Lyricist: Mickey Huang
Composer: Eric Chen
Arranger: Qian Youlan
Producer: Samuel Tai

就讓我先開始說 這些日子怎麼過
Let me start by talking about how I have been doing these days
I experienced love and hate, and in the end we broke up yesterday
還辦了一支手機 搭配舊的CALL機
I got a mobile phone to pair with the old pager
問題是 三天沒有響過一通
The problem is, for three days I didn’t hear it ring once

記得當年我們啊 理想說不停
I remember back then we couldn’t stop talking about our dreams
如今JACK有孩子結了婚 而ROSE看破紅塵
Now Jack has a kid and got married, while Rose saw through the world of mortals [Buddhist idiom for being disillusioned with human society]
我的同學 不再是同學 是孩子的爹
My classmates are no longer students, but fathers of kids
我的同學 他一家五口 反覆吃喝拉撒睡
My classmate has a family of five who eat, drink, shit, piss, and sleep day after day [meaning repeating the ordinary daily routine]

ANDY忙著玩股票 JEAN拉保險有一套
Andy is busy having fun trading stocks; Jean is a gifted insurance agent
(KEVIN忙著拍廣告 AMY推銷冒牌錶)
(KEVIN is busy shooting commercials; Amy sells replica watches)
(SAMUEL片場跑龍套 TOM為貸款到處跑)
(SAMUEL plays small roles on the set; Tom runs around to secure loans)
我的同學 都不再單純 只有老師沒改變
My classmates are no longer innocent; only the teacher did not change

看看現在每一天 都要努力衝向前
Look at our current life. We all have to strive hard to forge ahead
Thanks to the weekend we can finally get together.

Repeat *** twice with lyrics in the parentheses


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