Chinese Pop Songs

於是長大了以後-謝和弦 So after Growing up-Hsie He-hsian

Lyricist & Composer: Hsie He-hsian

So after growing up
你發現聖誕節 沒有聖誕老公公
You discovered that there is no Santa Clause on Christmas
So after growing up
你發現吳剛嫦娥 都不住在月球
You discovered that that Wu Gang and Chang’E don’t reside on the Moon
So after growing up
你發現王子公主 居然也有在陪酒
You discovered that princes and princesses also have to drink along with the rich and power
So after growing up
你發現課本裡面教的學的 都只能當參考用
You disocvered that things you learned from the textbooks are for reference only

於是長大了以後 有些事你非得要經歷搞懂
So after growing up, [you discovered that] some things can only be understood through first-hand experiences
長大了以後 不想懂也要懂
Aftter growing up, [you discovered that] you must understand some things whether you want to or not
認命的接受 不認命也接受 只是受殤還受用
Accept your life either willingly or unwillingly. Pains and lessons come hand in hand

於是長大了以後 我們都跟那現實做了朋友
So after growing up, we all made friends with the reality
忘記了單純天真 其實才是你的摯友
forgetting that simplicity and innocense are your true friends
卻沒人能夠 卻沒人能夠 躲得過
But nobody, nobody can escape that [change of mindset]

原來這就是登大人 原來這就是社會黑暗
So this is what growing up means, so this is the dark side of society
原來這就是小漢時候 整天夢呀夢呀夢
So this is what I dreamed of day after day in childhood
原來這就是登大人 大漢了後才知挫哩等
So this is what becoming an adult means. After growing up I learned to fail
原來三分天註定 七分靠打拼 愛拼才會贏
So 30% of success is determined by fate, while 70% is determined by diligence. Hard work leads to victory.

Repeat the entire lyrics above once

Repeat the last verse twice


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