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MC來了-MC HotDog MC Is Here-MC HogDog

Lyricist: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog
Composer: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog
編曲:梯依恩 (Ten)
Arranger: Ten

台北下了雪 你說那是保麗龍
It snowed in Taipei, but you suspect that’s just polystyrene
耶誕夜的配色 也不配黃綠紅
The colors of Christmas Eve don’t have to be red, yellow and green
叮叮噹 叮叮噹 聽到我的手機鈴聲 你別太緊張
Jingle bells, jingle bells. When you hear my phone’s ringing tone, don’t get too jittery

聖誕夜驚魂 從晚上玩到清晨
A haunted soul on Christmas Eve, I partied till the next morning
打得火熱的情人 融化了雪人
The love birds are billing and cooling, melting the snowman
越冷越開花 原本是呆瓜
The more frigid it gets, the more flowers bloom [the more loving the couples get], though they used to be idiots
Because of Christmas we all became party animals
放些應景的歌 我們盡情的喝
Play some festive songs, and let’s booze as much as we want
今年或許過的很苦 但今天我們可樂
Maybe we’ve had a tough year, but today we will have fun
Last Christmas you broke my heart
今年耶誕 我要 party like a rockstar
This Christmas, I want to party like a rockstar
每個地方都變成皇宮 宅男都出動
Every place gets fancy like a palace. Nerds and geeks got out of their niches
我看到盧廣仲 100種生活聖誕節也只有一種
I saw Crowd Wu, who has “100 Ways of Living” on other days but he also has only one way to spend the Christmas
祝你耶誕快樂 它淺顯易懂
I wish you a merry Christmas. That’s easy to understand

M=Merry C=Christmas
MC又來了就是Merry Christmas
MC is here again, which means “Merry Christmas”
MC又來了 MC又來了
MC is here again, MC is here again
The seaon I miss the most—my MC is here again
Merry Christmas
I want to tell you
Merry Christmas
I want to tell you
Merry Christmas
I want to tell you
Merry Merry Christmas

最想念的季節 我想念著你
In the seaon I miss the most, I miss you
耶誕的老公公 不小心洩了底
Santa Clause let on the secret by accident
像個孩子在夜裡 暗自竊喜
Just like a child on Christmas Eve, I am secretly delighted
我的MC又來了 卻不是在指月經
My MC is here again, but I am not talking about menstruation

Note: In Taiwan, MC is a euphemism for menstruation.

‘U know I mean’
It comes only once a year
只要你快樂 其他都是其次
As long as you are happy, anything else is not a priority
叮叮噹 叮叮噹 當你收到我的簡訊
Jingle bells, jingle bells, when you got my message
did you take it to heart?
你會保留它 還是刪除
Will you save it or delete it?
Do you have company now or are you alone?
你的他 是白馬王子還是蟾蜍
Is your companion a Prince Charming or a toad?

Note: “Toad” is possibly related to the idiom “a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh” referring to a guy aspiring after a woman he is not worthy of.

該不會是你有小孩了 就像吳淡如
Or perhaps you are already a mother, just like Betty Wu
時間還早 還不想回家
The night is still young. I don’t want to go home
The coolest MC is helping to spice up this Christmas
別再聽喬治麥可的 Last Christmas
Stop listening to George Michael’s “Last Christmas”
This year please listen to my song

Repeat *** once

不可能下的雪 已經下在了台北
The impossible snow has fallen in Taipei
不可能遇見的人 或許正在和我派對
The impossible date is possibly partying with me
不可能說的話 那可能先不說話
The impossible conversation…then perhaps we can keep quiet for now
罐頭簡訊他再誠懇 也嫌多話
Even the most sincere canned text messages are too verbose
我是聖誕節薑餅人 把餅做大
I am a gingerbread man for Christmas trying to make big bread [do something big]
當MC又來了 默默許下願望
When MC is here again, I make a wish in my heart
或許 它永遠不可能會實現
Perhaps it will never come true
But who cares
Today is Christmas

Repeat *** twice


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