Chinese Pop Songs

我愛台妹-MC HotDog & 張震嶽 I Love Local Girls-MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue

Note: 台妹 [tái mèi] literally reads “Taiwanese girls,” but the term actually refers to the local Han Chinese girls in Taiwan rather than those who moved to Taiwan from mainland China after 1945 and their descendants. The stereotype of local Taiwanese girls, together with the male equivalent, 台客 [tái kè], is that they are loud, vulgar, provincial, and poorly educated.

作詞:Mc Hot Dog & 張震嶽
Lyricists: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
作曲:Mc Hot Dog & 張震嶽
Composers: Yao Chung-jen aka MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue
Arranger: Chang Chen-yue
演唱:Mc Hot Dog & 張震嶽
Singers: MC HotDog & Chang Chen-yue

我的阿妹妹 快來和我跳阿哥哥 Go 我知道你看到是我 妳不會說No
My sister, come on and dance Brother [a kind of night club dance] with me. Go. I know when you see it’s me, you wouldn’t say no
我不是油頭葉教授 我的homiez都叫我熱狗 4 sure
I am not that Professor Yeh with slicked back hair. My homies all call me Hotdog for sure
女孩 就是喜歡妳台台 等等去家裡home pa要不要來
Girl, I just adore your localness. I will have a house party later. Do you wanna come?
只怕你掛的太快 明天要去廟裡收驚拜拜 How High ?! We can kiss the sky!
I only worry that you will pass out too fast and we’ll have to worship a deity at a temple tomorrow to help you get over the shock. How crazy can we be? We can kiss the sky!
人生海海 我們不會只是stand one night 「one night in 墾丁..我留下許多情..」
Life is unpredictable. We won’t just have a one-night-stand. “One night in Kenting…I left too much love…”
你是我的可口可樂 幫我解渴 看我穿著就知道我玩饒舌
You are my Coca-Cola, quenching my thirst. Just look at my attire you will know I am a rapper
不要說我壞話 因為我有順風耳 如果是你肚子大我帶你去看順風婦產科
Don’t speak ill of me, because I am well-informed. If you are knocked up, I will take you to the Soonpoong Clinic

Note: Soonpoong Clinic is a famous South Korean sitcom running from 1998 to 2000. The clinic’s Chinese translation is the same as the first two characters in 順風耳 [shùn fēng ěr], clairaudient ears, a term that describes people with preternaturally good hearing.

我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 林志零算什麼
I love Taiwanese local girls. Taiwanese local girls love me. To me, Ling Zhi Ling means nothing
我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 侯佩涔算什麼
I love Taiwanese local girls. Taiwanese local girls love me. To me, Hou Pei Cen means nothing

Note: The singers are insinuating that graceful, fashionable, educated female stars like Lin Chi-ling and Patty Hou are not as good as the outspoken local girls.

我不愛中國小姐 我愛台妹 萬萬歲
I don’t love Miss China. I love Taiwanese local girls. Long live local girls
妳的檳榔2粒要100好貴 有沒有含睡
Your Areca nuts cost 100 TWD/pair. Does that include sleeping?
如果能夠和妳共枕眠 更多更多的奶粉錢
If I could sleep with you, I am willing to contribute to you
我願意為妳貢獻 我不是愛現
more and more money for the milk powder. It’s not that I like showing off
Please spray a little enchanting perfume
換上妳最性感的高跟鞋 人群之中 妳最亮眼
and get into your sexiest high heels. In the crowds, you are the most outstanding one
台妹來了 我是否和妳一拍即合
Local girls arrived. Do we hit it off right off the bat?
You follow me to many “improper places”
大家看到我都對我喊YES SIR
Everyone scream “Yes Sir” when they see me
Because I am the recognized by the public as the elfing coolest rapper
台妹們 麻煩和我拍拖
Local girls, please date me
我不是凱子 可是付錢我也不會囉唆
I am not a rich, good-looking guy, but I am not a slug when paying
純情是什麼 我不懂
What’s being pure in love? I don’t understand
我的想法很邪惡 張震嶽他懂
My mind is evil. Chang Chen-yue knows that

Repeat *** once

為了妳 我可能要投資一家檳榔攤
For you, I might as well invest in an Areca nut stand
為了妳 家裡可能要有鋼管
For you, I might as well install steel poles at home
為了妳 我要常常下去台南
For you, I will have to go to Tainan very often
為了妳 流氓會來找我麻煩
Because of you, hoodlums will give me trouble
For girls with an air of localness
My adrenaline levels will soar up without hesitation
畢竟妳也不是天使 我也不是聖人
After all you are not an angel, and I am not a saint

時尚的野獸 那就請你滾 我受夠
The monsters of fashion, please leave me alone. I’ve had enough
You are just a bunch of well-trained animals in a circus
所有男模 女模 你在屌什麼
All the male models, female models, why are you so cocky?
我就不信妳現在還有處女膜 都是凱子搓
I don’t believe you still have your hymen. It must have been rubbed off by your rich cute boyfriend
我喜歡台妹說話的口音 有時候挾帶幾句靠杯三字經
I love Taiwanese local girls’ accent, sometimes coupled with some bad words and the three-word mantra [expletive]
愛神的箭 你要射向哪裡
Cubid’s arrow, where are you going?
這裡 Free9 張震嶽 熱狗 這裡 等妳
Here, Free9, Chang Chen-yue, and HotDog are waiting right here for you

Repeat *** once


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