Chinese Pop Songs, My Favorite Songs

心酸-林宥嘉 Heartbreak-Yoga Lin

Lyricist: Derek Shih
Composer: Ding Shiguang
Arranger: Ding Shiguang
Producers: Bing Wang aka Wang Chi-ping and A’da Liang

走不完的長巷 原來也就那麼長
The endless alley as I remember is actually not too long
跑不完的操場 原來小成這樣
The endless running tracks as I remember encircle but a small playground

時間的手 翻雲覆雨了什麼
How did time compass the vicissitudes of life?
從我手中 奪走了什麼
What did it grab from my hands?

閉上眼看 十六歲的夕陽 美得像我們一樣
Watch the setting sun with your eyes closed: It was gorgeous like us, a bunch of 16-year-olds
邊走邊唱 天真浪漫勇敢 以為能走到遠方
We strolled and sang. With a simple, romantic, and fearless mind, we thought we would reach that far-off land

我們曾相愛 想到就心酸
We were once in love—my heart aches at the thought of that

人潮拍打上岸 一波波歡快的浪
Students flocked out of class, like the boisterous waves piling up against the banks
校門口老地方 我是等候堤防
Waiting as always at the gate, I was like a dam

牽妳的手 人群裡慢慢走
Holding hands, we slowly moved in the throng
我們手中 藏有全宇宙
The whole universe was hiding between our palms

閉上眼看 最後那顆夕陽 美得像一個遺憾
Watch the last setting sun with your eyes closed: It was a stunning pity
輝煌哀傷 青春兵荒馬亂 我們潦草地離散
The splendid gloom, the pandemonic youth—hastily we were wrenched apart
明明愛阿 卻不懂怎麼辦 讓愛強韌不折斷
Clearly we were in love, but we didn’t know how to keep our love strong, not split in half
為何生命 不准等人成長 就可以修正過往
Why does life never wait, wait for us to grow, to rewrite the past?
我曾擁有妳 真叫我心酸
I once had you. That’s the part that broke my heart


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