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銀泰-孫燕姿 Yintai-Stefanie Sun

The song starts at 22: 32.

MP3: Yintai-Stefanie Sun

Note: The song title “Yintai” refers to Beijing Yintai Centre, a three-towered structure located in the Beijing central business district.

Lyricist: Leng Wan Mei
Composer: Jiahui Wu
編曲:Martin Tang
Arranger: Martin Tang

擁擠車陣裡 總被停在這裡
In the daily traffic jam, I am always stuck here
一抬頭望去 以為看得見你
I raise my head and look up, thinking that I will see you
早上的吻 還有餘溫
The warmth of the morning kiss remains
I am still waiting

When it’s gusty in Beijing, the blue sky and white clouds become visible
May this city boost you self-confidence
然而我們 屬不屬於這份眩暈
But do we really belong to its dazzling grandeur?

愛若是話不說穿 繼續猜
In love, if we don’t talk it through, the guessing game will go on
愛若是心總不在 擁抱起來
In love, if the heart drifts away, we’ll hug it out
Just like this quiet Yintai

The force of your kiss on my hair
is capable of making me willing to resist this despair
Love envelopes the perfect Yintai


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