Chinese Pop Songs

浪費-林宥嘉 Unrequited-Yoga Lin


Note: The literal translation of the title is “Squander” or “Waste.”

Lyricist: Chen Xinyan
Composer: Zheng Nan
Arranger: Zhang Chaoyu

多久了 我都沒變
How long has it been? I have never changed
愛妳這回事 整整六年
Loving you, for six good years
妳最好 做好準備
You’d better be prepared
我沒有打算 停止一切
I have no plan of stopping this

I want to say I have no aspirations
nor do I have a hobby to while the time away
有一個人能去愛 多珍貴
I have someone to love. How precious it is

It’s alright. You don’t have to give me an opportunity
I have my life to while away
我就是剩這麼一點點倔 稱得上 我的優點
I have nothing left but this stubbornness, which could be called my strength

It’s alright you don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed
Perhaps I just love being wasted by you
隨便妳今天拼命愛上誰 我都會 坦然面對
Whoever you crazily falls in love with today, I will face the music with absolute calm
即使要我跟妳再耗個十年 無所謂
Even if I have to spend ten more years like this for you, I still won’t mind

妳和他 沒有如願
You and he, didn’t fulfill your wishes
短短半年內 開始分裂
Within six short months, your relationship began to disintegrate
我的愛 依舊沒變
My love remains the same
連我自己都 對我欽佩
Even I admire myself for that

I do have many resources
and I have plenty of time
不去愛才是浪費 多不對
It would be a waste if I don’t love you. That’d be so wrong

Repeat *** once

就算我再去努力愛上誰 到頭來 也是白費
Even if I try very hard to fall in love with someone else, it would be a waste of my love anyway
不如永遠跟妳耗 來得快樂 對不對
I’d rather wait for you, which will be more delightful, right?


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