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浪人天涯-鍾漢良 Wanderer at the End of the World-Wallace Chung

MP3: Wanderer at the End of the World-Wallace Chung

This song is the theme song of Moonlight Blade OL, an online game based on the TV drama The Magic Blade starring Wallace Chung as the male lead Fu Hongxue.

Lyricist: Liang Jinxing
Composer: Huang Shengfeng

The wind disheveled your tresses,
an Impressionist painting etched in my mind
一記耳光結束了 分叉
A slap in the face ended our divergence [meaning a slap led to the breakup]

The wound turned into a scab, the memories slightly blurred
The process is like a lengthy one-man vacation
默哀渡過了時差 蒸發
The silent mourning trudged through the period and evaporated

No need to pretend to be mighty
Our love was smeared by the doodles of time
Struggling to be strong is too silly

你走了 天不會塌 我放手吧
You left, but it doesn’t mean the sky would fall. Let me let go of you
濕答答 溺著掙扎 就停止吧
Soggy, drowning yet struggling. Just call a halt [to this self-torture]
當你的存在 軀殼化 再磨蹭也是徒然啊
When your presence became merely physical [meaning when your heart was somewhere else], any more dawdling was doomed to be futile
一杯茶 再多想法 喝完喊卡 放下
No matter how many thoughts hover my mind, as soon as I down this cup of tea, I will shout “Cut!” and let it go

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