Chinese Pop Songs

心安-鍾漢良 Peace of Mind-Wallace Chung

MP3: Peace of Mind-Wallace Chung

Lyricist: Zhang Mengwan
Composer: Peng Xuebin

安靜坐在板凳上 時光多緩慢
Quietly sitting on the stool. How slowly time passes
開口說驚濤駭浪 聽了都嚮往
Startted talking about the stormy sea, kindling a yearning for adventures in the listener

劇中人追求稱王 卻沒發現旅途的星光
The people in dramas strive to be the king, but fail to discover the starlight on the journey
唱著歌尋找希望 小小聲音傾聽著多嘹亮
Sing a song and look for hope. The voice sounds feeble but the singing is loud and clear.

Having experienced romance, we understood love is difficult
Underlying this city’s grandeur is an air of melancholy
It’s just that we have been used to pretending it is natural
But after shutting the door and windows, we can’t resist the yearning for the loved ones

Quietly wait alone for daybreak
When every departure is laden with beauty and grief
someday we would eventually know everything there is to know about being alone
只願你心安 誰不渴望心安
I only wish you peace of mind. Who doesn’t yearn for peace of mind?

We made a pact that we wouldn’t forget the original dreams
Every day in the future, we will face the sun
We will feel free to embrace and knowlingly smile
想給你平安 時時刻刻心安
I want you to be safe and sound. And peace of mind all the time

如何能心安 我們充滿希望
How can we have peace of mind? We are filled with hope

4 thoughts on “心安-鍾漢良 Peace of Mind-Wallace Chung”

  1. I love this track from Wallace’s album, one of my favorites, even if I don’t understand what’s he singing about. Now that I’ve seen your translation I love it even more! Thanks.

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