Chinese Pop Songs

孤芳不自賞-霍尊 A Lonesome Blossom Awaits Appreciation-Huo Zun

Lyricist: Zhao Jianling
Composer: Tan Yuan
Singer: Huo Zun or Henry Huo

這一生 我等得好長
This life, I’ve waited too long
from a bewildered boy to a lonely king
這一世 我愛的好傷
This life, I have been deeply hurt in love
allowing you to stab the sword in my chest

我的戰馬飛踏 為你平天下
My war steed gallops, restoring peace for you
你的琴弦撥動 伴我嘯天涯
You strum the zither strings, accompanying me to the end of the world
願為你捨江山 為你卸鎧甲
For you, I’m willing to relinquish my power and take off my armor
願牽你的手 陪你到青絲變白髮
I’m willing to hold your hand, keeping you company till your black tresses turn gray

孤傲的背影 掩不住緊鎖的眉
The figure of proud loneliness can’t conceal your knitted brows
芳香的一吻 止不住風乾的淚
A sweet kiss can’t stop my dried-up tears
不羈的歲月 訴不完思念如水
My pining for you has trickled through the reckless years
自問來時路 走不盡愛的輪迴
I asked myself how I got here, through endless reincarnations of love
賞漫天落花 如你笑顏相隨
admiring the sky studded with falling petals, as stunning as your smiling face

Repeat *** once

滴血含笑 看著你 戀著你 愛著你
Smiling through dripping blood, watching you, longing for you, loving you
my destined bride

Repeat the third verse of *** once

Note: I worked with xah and Chewywon on translating this song.


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