Cantonese Pop Songs

吳哥窟-吳雨霏 (Angkor Wat-Kary Ng)



作詞:林若寧 (Lyrics: Riley Lam)
作曲:陳珀 (Composer: Chen Po)
編曲:陳珀 (Arrangements: Chen Po)
監製:Alvin Leon (Producer: Alvin Leon)
MV: 吳哥窟-吳雨霏 (Angkor Wat-Kary Ng)

Have a dream with the eyes open
問你 送我歸家有何用
Asking you, what’s the use of driving me home?
雖知道你的她 無言地向你盡忠
Although I know you have a wife who quietly remains faithful to you
My heart sinks whenever I see you hide your ring

My voice is buried in the sandstone cave [of Angkor Wat]
上帝 四次三番再愚弄
God has fooled me several times
聽得見耳邊風 難逃避你那面孔
I can hear the growling wind [in Angkor Wat], I can’t shun your face

[Meaning: Although I try to avoid you, I can’t stop thinking of you]
The more I want to quit, the more I nudge toward you

How come I have the courage to celebrate those special days with you?

[Meaning: How come I propose to celebrate birthdays, festivals, and anniversaries with you while you are married?]
Would you really have the courage to break your promise of being a faithful husband
兩個人 多擠迫 難容納多一番秘密
Two people, so cramped, it is hard to squeeze in more secrets

[Meaning: The world of two people is so small that it is hard to squeeze a third secret lover.]
[But] when I can’t secure this relationship, I become more obstinate

I shouldn’t abuse the name [of love]
被你 引誘多一個名字
I shouldn’t be lured by you to add your last name to mine

[Meaning: I shouldn’t be lured by you into marrying you and taking your last name.]
身份遠 記憶深 浮塵滴進覺悟寺
That identity [of becoming your wife] is far away from me, the memory [of being with you] is deep [in my mind]. Dust trickles into the temple of awareness

[Meaning: It is hard to marry you. It’s hard to forget you. I slowly came to the realization.]
[Just like] looking at flowers in a fog-ablurred vision, nothing has occurred.

[Meaning: Just like looking at the flowers in a fog, our secret affair is eventually a blur of smoke.]


I forgive you for being too rational, keeping secret the time spent on being with me
Please forgive me for being too irrational, attempting to push relationship forward
兩個人 一消失 謠言便得不到證實
The rumor of a couple, as soon as one of them disappears, will no longer be verified
Only the dim night sky will remember [them]

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