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My Sunshine-张杰 (My Sunshine-Zhang Jie)


曲:谭旋 (Composer: Tan Xuan)
词:段思思 (Lyrics: Duan Sisi)
演唱:张杰 (Singer: Zhang Jie)
MV: My Sunshine-张杰 (My Sunshine-Zhang Jie)

We haven’t carefully read through the years that we missed
Those perplexing intersections witnessed the summers when you wept with me
阳光刺眼 有心跳的交响乐
The blazing sunshine, the symphony that has a heartbeat
想靠近一点 再看清一点 昨天
[We] want to get a little closer, look a little more closely, at yesterday


We once ventured to taste the shallow happiness regardless of everything
so oblivious to what growth had stolen from us
时光 过客 还来不及去迎合
Time, passing guests, before we could respond to them
胸口的微热 总是恨不得
[Feeling] my tender heart, I only wish I could
stay and protect you


You are my pretty sunshine
没你的世界好好坏坏 只是无味空白
The world without you, however good or bad, is a vapid void
答应我 哪天走失了人海
Promise me, in case you get lost in a sea of people
Do stand under the most conspicuous street sign
等着我 一定会来
Wait for me; I will come.
You are the pretty sunshine of my life
等着我 不要再离开
Wait for me; do not ever leave again


Maybe youth would come to an end before it begins
Maybe we would stay estranged and exchange bland pleasantries before we ever get a chance to warm up to each other
往事浮现 没完的故事绵绵
Memories rise before my eyes: Unfinished stories to be continued
时间还在变 我们还在变
Time goes on; we keep changing
But please believe me—



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