Chinese Pop Songs

海阔天空-Beyond (Boundless Oceans Vast Skies-Beyond)


Beyond  (1983-2005) is a famous Chinese rock band formed in Hong Kong. “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies” (1993) is one of the band’s most famous songs. On January 18th, 2013, Beyond’s guitarist Paul Wong Kong-Chung aka Huang Guanzhong gave a moving performance of this song in the nostalgic singing competition I’m A Singer on Hunan Satellite TV. Since this song is sung in the Cantonese dialect, no Pinyin is provided here.

曲:黄家驹 (Composer: Wong Ka-kui/Wang Jiaju)
词:黄家驹 (Lyrics: Wong Ka-kui/Wang Jiaju)
演唱:Beyond (Singer: Beyond)

今天我 寒夜里看雪飘过
Today, I see the swirl of snowflakes in a cold night
I (too) swirl afar with a chilled heart
Chasing (you) in the wind and rain
Unable to find (our) traces in the mist
天空海阔你与我可会变 (谁没在变)
Boundless oceans vast skies. Would you and I change? (Who is not changing?)

多少次 迎着冷眼与嘲笑
Many times, I faced up to cold hard stares and sneers
Never have I given up the ideal in my heart
一刹那恍惚 若有所失的感觉
Dazed for a second, I felt as if something was missing
不知不觉已变淡心里爱 (谁明白我)
Without realization, it has faded, the love in my heart (Who understands me?)

Forgive me for being unruly and untamed and loving freedom all my life
I too fear I might fall down someday
背弃了理想 谁人都可以
Abandoning the ideal (for a life of ease)—everyone can do it
I’m not afraid even if one day there are only you and me



Still free and independent
永远高唱我歌 走遍千里
Forever singing my own song out loud, going everywhere


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