Chinese Pop Songs

当时-李宇春 (Back Then-Li Yuchun/Chris Lee)

Chris Lee aka Li Yuchun

曲:温伟杰 (Composer: Wen Weijie)
词:李宇春 (Lyricist: Li Yuchun/Chris Lee)
演唱:李宇春 (Singer: Li Yuchun/Chris Lee)

当时还听着 当时的月亮
Back then we were still listening to “The Moon Back Then” [a song by Faye Wong]
我们傻笑着 说愿望
We were smirking and discussing our dreams
要牵手一起 去环游远航
to hold hands and trot the globe and sail afar
以为 爱情 就这样
assuming that love is just like this

当时一转眼 已变成当时
That moment has in no time become “back then”
The two words “we two” have also become “we each”
要感谢那些 有你的故事
I should be grateful that those stories with you inside
让我 丰盛 了忆思
have enriched my reminiscence

爱你 我爱你
Love you, I love you
甜蜜的话 就不再提
[Though] those sweet words are no longer mentioned
感动 还在每当一想起
[I] am still moved at the thought of (you)

爱你 我爱你
Love you, I love you
[Though] the angry words [the words we said when we were angry] are still familiar
只是 单纯笑笑而已
I would just laugh them off

不可能 会再爱你
Impossible to love you again
不可能 会忘记你
Impossible to forget you either
怀念 当时的美丽
[But] I miss the beauty of those days



当时的月亮 早已化做了阳光
The Moon back then, has long turned into sunshine

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