Chinese Pop Songs, My Favorite Songs

乏味-周传雄 (Boring-Zhou Chuanxiong/Steve Zhou)

Zhou Chuanxiong

词:陈信荣 (Composer: Chen Xinrong)
曲:周传雄 (Lyricist: Zhou Chuanxiong/Steve Zhou)
演唱:周传雄 (Singer: Zhou Chuanxiong/Steve Zhou)

夜盲 香水 腐败 气味
Nyctalopia, perfume, decay, odor
忧伤 鼓励 颓废
Sadness inspires decadence
美丽 让人 感到 乏味
Beauty makes one feel jaded
诱惑 打败 拒绝
Temptation defeats rejection

爱情好虚伪 假装热烈
Love is hypocritical. It feigns vehemence
But just a pickup line entails farewell
留我在深夜 敲打过去 粉刷漆黑
leaving me alone in the late night, typing and emailing, only to be painting a dark screen [meaning that emailing someone entails no reply]

孤单好体贴 紧紧相随
Loneliness is so considerate. It follows me everywhere
forcibly parrying every sweet gesture
让背叛选中 我无法说 感谢
Chosen by betrayal, I can not be grateful

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