Chinese Pop Songs, My Favorite Songs

开到荼蘼-萧敬腾 (The Last Blossom-Xiao Jingteng/Jam Hsiao)

曲:C. Y. Kong (Composer: C. Y. Kong)
词:林夕 (Lyricist: Lin Xi)

The original singer of this song is Faye Wong.

每只蚂蚁 都有眼睛鼻子
Every ant has two eyes and a nose
它美不美丽 偏差有没有一毫厘
Is it beautiful? The difference is less than 1 millimeter
What does it matter?

每一个人 伤心了就哭泣
Every person cries when hurt
饿了就要吃 相差大不过天地
[and] eats when hungry. Ain’t that different like the heaven and the earth
How thrilling can it be?

有太多太多魔力 太少道理
There’s way too much magic, way too little logic
太多太多游戏 只是为了好奇
way too many games, just for the sake of curiosity
还有什么值得 歇斯底里
Just what else deserves such hysteria?
对什么东西 死心塌地
and to what do you have to be so committed?

一个一个偶像 都不外如此
Each and every idol, is just so so
沉迷过的偶像 一个个消失
All the idol you obsessed over, disappeared one by one
谁曾伤天害理 谁又是上帝
Who was against reason and just who is God?
我们在等待 什么奇迹
What kind of miracle are we waiting for?

最后剩下自己 舍不得挑剔
In the end the only one you’re not willing to pick on is yourself
最后对着自己 也不大看得起
And in the very end you won’the respect yourself, you either
谁给我全世界 我都会怀疑
I would doubt whoever that offers me the whole world
心花怒放 却开到荼蘼
My heart bloomed with wild joy, but it would eventually become the last blossom in Spring


一个一个一个人 谁比谁美丽
One and one yet another one, who is more beautiful?
一个一个一个人 谁比谁甜蜜
One and one yet another one, who is sweeter?
一个一个一个人 谁比谁容易
One and one yet another one, whose life is easier?
And what’s the big deal?


每只蚂蚁 和谁擦身而过
Every ant, no matter who it brushes by
都那么整齐 有何关系
is still neat and tidy, but what does that matter?
每一个人 碰见所爱的人
Everyone, upon meeting the people they love,
has a lingering fear

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