Chinese Pop Songs

说谎-林宥嘉 (Fairy Tale-Yoga Lin)


Note: The literal translation of the song title is “Lie.”

I did have some good dates
I’d say I wasn’t lonely
可能我浪荡 让人家不安
Maybe because I was dissipated and made people worry
which led all those relationships to a dead end

There is no trauma or demon in me
so please put your mind at ease
我又不脆弱 何况那算什麼伤
I’m not a snowflake. Besides, being jilted can’t even be called a trauma
Anyway doesn’t love just go one way or another?

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
I’m not lying. Why do I have to lie?
你懂我的 我对你从来就不会假装
You know me well-I never feign [nonchalance] in front of you
我哪有说谎 请别以为你有多难忘
In what way could I be lying? Please don’t think you’re unforgettable
The smile is real, not a way of trying to be brave

I haven’t been to this restaurant for ages
I didn’t know it had been remoldeled
角落那窗口 闻得到玫瑰花香
Sitting in that corner by the window, I can smell the fragrance of roses
Now that you mentioned it, it somehow came back to my mind

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
I’m not lying. Why do I need to lie?
你知道的 我缺点之一就是很健忘
You know that one of my shortcomings is forgetfulness
我哪有说谎 是很感谢今晚的相伴
How come I was lying? I do feel grateful for your company tonight
which I somehow should feel not used to

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
I’m not lying. Why do I have to lie?
爱一个人 没爱到难道就会怎麼样
How serious could it be when one’s love is unrequited?
别说我说谎 人生已经如此地艰难
Don’t say that I’m lying. Life has been so hard already,
有些事情 就不要拆穿
so some things should left undebunked

我没有说谎 是爱情说谎
I’m not lying. It’s love that’s lying
它带你来 骗我说渴望的有可能有希望
It brought you to me and lulled me into believing that that more I want it, the more likely I will get it
我没有说谎 祝你做个幸福的新娘
I’m not lying. I wish for you to be a happy bride
And please just forget what weighs on my mind


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