Chinese Pop Songs

好久不见-陈奕迅 (Long Time No See-Eason Chan)

我来到 你的城市 走过你来时的路
I came to your city, and walked on the road you took to come here
想像着 没我的日子 你是怎样的孤独
imagining the days without me, and how lonely you could have been

拿着你 给的照片 熟悉的那一条街

I’m holding the picture you gave me. That street still looks familiar,
只是没了你的画面 我们回不到那天
but the image of you is already not there. We can’t go back to that day

Would you suddenly appear
at the cafe in the corner
我会带着笑脸 挥手寒暄
I’d smile, wave, and call for you
和你 坐着聊聊天
I’d take a seat, and chat with you

How I wish I could see you again
and learn about the changes you’ve recently gone through
不再去说从前 只是寒暄
We won’t mention the history. Small talk only.

对你说一句 只是说一句
I’d tell you one phrase, one phrase only
Long time no see


Repeat *** once

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