Chinese Pop Songs

三寸日光-梁静茹 (Three Inches of Sunlight-Fish Leong)

This is for My Handsome Trainee ❤ ;)

Music Video:Three Inches of Sunlight-Fish Leong

Late autumn’s cool breeze dances at the mountaintop
Lovers gaze at the sunset side by side 
仰望 你为我敞开的天窗
I look up at the skylight you openned for me
一段日光落在手心 三寸长
And a length of sunlight, slides into my hand, three inches long
你说 秋天掌上的日光 
You said, (this is) the autumn sunlight in the palm
一寸 能许一个愿望
One inch is for one wish

希望我爱的人健康 个性很善良
I wish my love can be healthy and kind-hearted
大大手掌能包容我 小小的倔强
His big palm can tolerate my little stubborness
Your romantic side can be understood only by me
which would give wings to tears to fly away from my cheeks

还想每天用咖啡香 不让你赖床
I also wish to lure you out of bed every day with the aroma of coffee
周末傍晚踩着单车 逛黄昏市场
and to take a bike ride visit to the market on weekend evenings
My romantic side can be understood only by you
May every typhoon night be free of worries

第三个愿望 还不想讲
As for the third wish, I don’t want to tell you yet
你自己想一想 问微笑的月光
You think for yourself, or ask the riant moonlight

We each have a sparkling fairy stick 
as if there were star light at our fingertips
很烫 可是很灿烂很漂亮
So hot, yet so bright
Twinkles held in our hands are shining like the sun

等到 世界末日你再讲
Don’t tell until the end of the world
那个愿望 一起握紧不放
the wish on which we’ll both have tight grip


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